Monday, 12 September 2011

Review: Space Marine!

I quite possibly would have gotten more painting done in the last week, if it was not for Space Marine being released. So I figured I would give a brief summary of my thoughts on the game if you were looking to buy it and not done so as of yet:

The Good
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Gripping story.
  • Plenty of action and shooting stuff that never stops being fun.
  • Excellent multiplayer, especially where customisation is concerned.
  • Plenty of fluff-related bits, in both single and multiplayer, for fans of the setting to sink their teeth into.
  • Not too hard, not too difficult.
  • The Thunder Hammer is amazing. 

The Bad
  • Not much for Non-40k fans/followers.
  • Some bits of the single player campaign can really slow down the flow of the game.
  • Yes, we get it Orks, we're a SPACE MARINE, please stop reiterating it!

Brilliant game, well worth the money you pay for it. I definitely recommend buying this game, unless you're not a 40k fan or someone who doesn't collect the miniatures, in which case I recommend renting it first. It's fast, furious and despite what you may have heard, the game isn't a Gears of War rip off and feels like a completely different game (possibly because you can't take cover in this and the close quarters combat has a different flow).

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