Monday, 12 September 2011

Warriors of Macragge

Whilst we're on the subject of Space Marines, I recently took the decision to restart my Ultramarine army.

The picture shown is my current focus. The first combat squad of the Second Company's Second Tactical Squad, Manorian. I decided to model each squad based on the descriptions in the Space Marine Codex (5th Edition specifically). Squad Manorian's description is as follows:

"Boasting many experienced and honoured warriors, Squad Manorian leads the vanguard of both Company and Chapter-level assaults."

With this in mind, I decided to paint the squad in an advancing position. Many of them use the basic legs from the Assault Squad set (with the exception of the sergant, and the Marine on the left, which was an experiment with different sets of legs hacked apart and green stuffed back together.

I am currently working on painting the arms and the squad will be complete. A couple of extra details (including the Ultramarines symbol) below.

Sergant's purity seals

  Ultramarine insignia

Once I've got the combat squad done, I will post up my recipes for my painting methods. Until then, Courage and Honour brothers!


  1. Did you greenstuff the Ultramarine chapter emblem? The metal shoulders I have are a bit smaller trim on my marines.

  2. Nah, I have the metal pads too, but the smaller trims aren't a massive bother for me... there are many non symmetrical Marines so I just take it as that, haha.