Monday, 23 July 2012

Nemekh the Summoner

I've finally got the bits for my Necron Phaeron conversion. I have a few problems with the basic GW Overlords and I've decided not to use them except for conversion bits. The plastic one from the Command Barge seems too simplistic and I hate the pose the finecaste mini has. I did, however, took a liking to Zahndrekh, so I decided to use his model as a base for Nemekh.

The head and resurrection orb are from the Command Barge Overlord and placed on the body instead of Zahndrekh's normal hand and head (I wanted to differentiate between him and Zahndrekh, so the head had to go). The gauntlet of fire is just a Cryptek's hand heavily cut down and placed on Zahndrekh's right arm. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the outcome (although I will still need to green stuff the arm to fill in some gaps).

On top of this, I've been able to spray up some warriors now that the bright, firey orb in the sky has appeared (I've come to start worshipping this strange phenomenon) so I will begin painting them up soon.

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