Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tutorial: Painting Necrons

Well I've had plenty of good feedback on my Necron painting and enough people have asked me for my method that I've decided to post up the recipe here on my blog. If you fancy your hands at painting Necrons my way, you'll need to pick up the following if you don't already have them:

Chaos Black Primer
Leadbelcher Paint
Abaddon Black Paint
Necron Compound Dry Paint
Runefang Steel Paint
Nuln Oil Shade

Okay, got all that? Brilliant! Let's start:

Step 1/2
Step 1: First things first, spray up your Necron fella with Chaos Black undercoat, then do a 50/50 mix of Leadbelcher/Abaddon Black and liberally coat the model. No need to be neat, just cover the damn thing! I find it useful to mix up a whole pot of this mix and watering it down to the consistency of milk... you'll be painting up a lot of these warriors afterall!

Step 2: Nothing too flashy, just coat the model in Nuln Oil, again, do it liberally, this is just the base coat! (Please note that I actually used the old Badab Black, so results may vary).

Step 3/4
Step 3: Okay, now get out of the mindset of just throwing paint at your miniature, this step is very slightly more delicate. With very slightly thinned Leadbelcher, paint a coat of silver on the model ensuring that you leave the indents with the darker metal mix we made in step 1.

Step 4: Time for another wash of Nuln Oil (again, I used Badab Black) but not quite as heavy as the last coat. A moderate wash should be all you need this time around.

Step 5
Step 5: Unfortunately you may find that, although the last coat mutes the intensity of the silver, it also looks slightly too dark and patchy. To fix this give the model a quick drybrush of Necron Compound. You can do this however you want, however, I tend to drybrush down only to give the impression of light shining down on the Necron.

Step 6
Step 6: Finally, add a highlight of Runefang Steel to the edges of the model (as you can see, I used Mithril Silver, but since you can't buy that colour anymore, it is the closest thing).

Step 7
Step 7: Marvel at the new Necrons about to reek havoc on the galaxy. Don't they look happy together?

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