Saturday, 4 August 2012

Warriors & Scarabs

Okay so I'm updating a little later than I would like but that's largely down to real life getting in the way (damn you real life!), but I have been working on my Necrons and have even taken to visiting the Wood Green store in London to concentrate on my painting. So my main priority has been to at least get a minimal force up before I concentrate on the meatier units, and since I already have Trazyn painted up as a HQ unit, that means assembly lining my 32 Necron Warriors with another 10 Immortals lined up... *sigh*. I am pretty glad I have a simple colour scheme and that I'm not collecting Imperial Guard right now.

Four warriors almost done!
Sorry for the poor picture quality. I actually have 9 warriors now painted excluding the arms at the moment and, as much as I love painting them, I kinda got bored with the monotony of warriors yesterday and needed a break. So in one sitting I was able to paint up a base of my minor converted Scarabs and, overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome!

Is that a tank they spot? Om nom nom nom!
I decided to put the 40k basing kit I bought years ago to good use with the Scarabs. I did contemplate the whole moulding the scarabs and making huge swarms on one base idea but I didn't go through with it for a few reasons:

  1. I can't find any milliput to buy to make decent, cheap moulds.
  2. Every man and his dog seems to be doing this nowadays.
  3. Most importantly - I couldn't be bothered.
But I quite like the effect I got regardless. I definitely feel I got the look of Scarabs rusting and breaking down debris, which is what I was going for. Also notice the red helmet on the left. I will be painting all dead Space Marines in red colours from now on because, as everyone who knows me well knows, I hate Blood Angels.

So that's it for now, I suppose I better get on with my Warriors! Peace out.

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