Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Annihilation Barge: Completed and Thoughts

After 2 weeks of love and labour, my Annihilation Barge is complete! Truth be told, I started this project a little early because I know I have a game against Tyranids at some point soon and I wanted to test it's capabilities at pest control. Mwahahaha!

Now that I've completed it, I have compiled a list of things of do's and don'ts when it comes to putting the Necron Barges together (Maybe the Arks too, don't know, haven't started on my Ghost Ark yet). There are a few things I didn't know about, some awkward bits and a few things I would have done differently given the knowledge I have now. I pass on this knowledge to you, dear readers:


  • Be prepared to get the geometry set out, some of the pieces will need steady hands and logistics to put together (I'm looking at you, pilot seats!).
  • Work out how you're going to fit the gun emplacement before you glue it in. If you've already added the back plates, it's a real pain to fit in.
  • Test your fittings before you super glue them in. The front bit of my barge has a minor, but annoying gap in between it and the main body. Grrrrr...
  • Make sure you have ample supplies of green and silver for your barge. I'm running so dangerously low on Snot Green I fear I may have to replace it on my next visit to GW!
  • Paint up too many bits separately. Doing so means you must use super glue, and super glue is a fickle product at the best of times. It would be better to avoid it altogether if possible with this kit since you will need to place some components very delicately.
  • Glue the keyboards in before the pilots, they're hard enough to put in without those in the way. Unless you are really good at judging the angles, don't chance it.
  • Listen to the instructions concerning not gluing in the propulsion at the back. Seriously, they are so easy to pull out if you don't glue them in.
Altogether a lovely looking model, if a pain to put together in places. I'm really happy with how mine's come out, but I'm in no rush to start another one. I really need a break from Necron vehicles for the moment.

Until next time, here are some close ups of the model.

Tesla Destructor


Back view and trademark gold/blue symbols

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