Saturday, 8 September 2012

Green Teslas? Not for me!

Just thought I'd drop a quick post regarding my progress with the Annihilation Barge. It's slow going, damn my tendency to paint my vehicles in parts! This is why I hate painting vehicles.

I've been checking out some other peoples works on how they have painted their tesla weapons. I've not painted tesla weapons before this model in my army and I was trying to get ideas on how to do it. Most people paint their tesla weapons with a green theme, which is cool, the wonderful thing about this hobby is that everyone can paint their minis however they like. Having said that, Necron tesla weapons are obviously based on the technology that makes up the tesla coil, which looks like this.

See this? This is what I will do to my enemies...
There's no green here, it's pure, unrelenting electricity. Now, obviously, Necron weapons are famed for their envy coloured weaponry, but green lightning just doesn't do it for me. I wanted to get the feel of pure electricity instead. Now this was an untested method in this context, but I decided to try something similar to the effect I used on Nemekh's resurrection orb, and this is what happened.

It looks okay I think. Not fantastic, but okay. It was the first time I tried using one of GW's new shade colours and was surprised at how much they can darken colours. Not that I'm complaining, the first layer for the actual lightning streaks were far too bright. I'm sure with a little practice I can perfect this method.

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