Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tutorial: Painting Necron Vehicles

I've been working on my Annihilation Barge for the last week now and have had a few people compliment me mightily on the glowing green shade I've done on it so far, so I thought I would give a quick (and I mean quick, it's very easy to do) tutorial to show you guys how I do it.

Credit where credit's due, this method was adapted from Ron's guide at From the Warp. You can read the original article here.

So here are the things you'll need to paint your vehicles ala my style:

Chaos Black Undercoat
Warpstone Glow (I used the original Snot Green)
Moot Green (I used the original Scorpion Green)
Biel-Tan Green Shade (I used the original Thraka Green Wash)
Waywatcher Green Glaze
Abaddon Black
Large Drybrush
LARGE Drybrush (the tank sized one)
Wash Brush

Okay, so start off, as ever, by undercoating your miniature with Chaos Black Undercoat. Then take your tank sized drybrush and your Warpstone Glow (or Snot Green, whichever takes your fancy) and drybrush it on to every corner of the model - by this I mean anything that's not a flat surface (although I tend to give a drybrush layer over the Necron runes, personal preference). After you've done this give the whole area a generous wash of Biel-Tan Green Shade to mute and blend the colours. You should get something looking like this:

Doesn't look too intense yet. We will fix that.
After the wash has dried, take out your non-tank sized large drybrush and your Moot Green paint and drybrush these on the very extreme corners (IE where two sides meet). You should notice quite a difference now.

You're almost ready for the last step, but before I go on to that something I have noticed whilst doing this is something you get little bloches of extremely light green that gathers in indents in the miniature, like in the picture below.

I would personally clear these up now, it's very simple to do, don't worry. Just go over these areas with some Abaddon Black and it should fix the problem well enough. In Ross's tutorial he mentions about cleaning up the edges with some watered down black as well. I personally don't do this as I like the faint glowing affect I have already, but this is completely down to personal preference, so do what is best for you.

Now that is all done, give the whole model a heavy wash of Waywatcher Green Glaze. Wait for it to dry and viola!

Done! Just needs detailing now.
I would advise to anyone, regardless of what your painting, always do your drybrushing before anything else unless you have to do so over another layer. Drybrushing is the most unpredictable method of painting a lot of the time and it will likely get in places you don't want it unless you are extremely careful. So I highly advise you to do this step before detailing. Well, unless you're a god at painting, in which case carry on.


Just to give you an idea of how the vehicle should look when it's done, I have since finished the Annihilation Barge.

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