Friday, 21 September 2012

We Are Immortal!

Such a beautiful sight.
I've been toiling hard to get my first 10 man unit of Immortals done and dusted. All I need to do is spray varnish them and they are done and I don't need to worry about them any more! After testing out the rules for both the Gauss Blasters and Tesla Carbines, I think I'm definitely going to do my next Immortal squad with Tesla Carbines - Gauss Blasters lose their advantage over them if you fight an army lacking vehicles unfortunately. I think I'd prefer to let the Warriors strip tanks too, given the whole "6 automatically glances" spiel.

I have a game against yet another friend who collects Tyranids on monday, so I wanted to get these bad boys ready in time (why does everyone collect Tyranids when I start my Necrons - surely not a coincidence!)

So where do I go from here? Well I still need to paint up about 14 Necron Warrior arms since I haven't been bothered to do most of them yet (I hate painting guns). I also have some Canoptek stuff to put together and paint which will be most excellent in my games, particularly the Spyders, but I will be planning a sub-secret project I've been planning that I'm calling the "4 Horsemen Project". I don't know when I'll get around to that though...

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