Friday, 26 October 2012

Recycling An Old Friend...

My Nightbringer - Now with Varnish!
I've been putting it off for a while but I finally decided to do some repair work on my old, metal Nightbringer. This miniature was originally a collaborative effort between myself and my dad and was painted up for my old Necron army from about 10 years back. However, I still love the paint job we did and I didn't want to paint strip it, so I merely updated it to fit with my current Necron army.

The problem was that, through no action of my own or my dad's, the model had been chipped in several places in it's dormancy, so those had to be repaired. I've discovered that Imperial Primer is pretty poor for covering small spots, so I just put a bit more of it on the chipped parts than I'd have liked, then put Abaddon Black over the top and finally the Russ Grey to blend in with the colour of the model. Worked well enough, I can't even tell where I repaired it now!

As well as repairing the miniature, I noticed that the base and the Scarabs were done the way I used to do them (ie. with sand, lots of drybrushing and inks - yup, it's that old). So I gave the Scarabs a fresh lick of paint using washes and new paints and gave their eyes my signature eye glow. For the rest of the base, I redid the colour of the rim of the base to fit the rest of my army and added snow using Mourn Mountain Snow, Asurmen Blue, a drybrush of Praxeti White and topped with Woodland Scenic's Snow Flakes.

Finally, and most importantly, I actually coated the model in Anti-Shine Varnish, something I neglected to do the first time round - metal models are notorious for chipping!

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