Friday, 23 November 2012

It's going to be a busy time...

Well as you can see I decided to splash out and buy myself the Necron Megaforce, just to ensure my army is big enough come the apocalypse. This set expands my total force to over 50 Necron Warriors, a full unit of Spyders, a full squad of Tomb Blades (which I have plans for, oh yes...), over a full unit of Scarabs, 2 Triarch Stalkers, another Annihilation Barge, 2 Ghost Arks and a second unit of Immortals. I'm happy with the purchase, crying at the task of putting it all together and painting it. Sigh...

But that's not all I wanted to update about, I have other projects to do and updates I have in mind. I've decided that updating about Necrons (and painting them continuously) is getting a little stale and the blog (not to mention my sanity) needs to break things up a bit. Don't get me wrong, I will still be hard at work on my metal monstrosities, but I want to add a little variety now.

First things first, since I've finished my Realm of Battle board I've already started a minor terrain building session, specifically craters. I'm testing out a way of snow-ifying them and I'll write up a tutorial on how to do it my way if they turn out good. I also still have an old Imperial City kit (not Sector, City) that is almost entirely untouched that I really should put together and paint.

Secondly, I still have Space Hulk with all the lovely miniatures still on the sprues that I've decided need to be painted and played with.

And finally...

Okay so the picture's a little misleading, I'll explain in a moment. I plan on finally starting up a Warhammer Fantasy army, partly to expand my playing options, partly because so many people have been pushing for me to start it. But the question was, which army do I collect? Originally it was a coin flip between Vampire Counts or Dark Elves as they are my favourite races in any fantasy setting, but after much agonising, I decided not to go with either as I've briefly played Vampire Counts in the past and got absolutely slaughtered, didn't like how they played but they may have improved. As to the Dark Elves, I was swaying towards them but I was being told they were a cheap army that were overpowered, and I don't want to jump right in with an army like that, besides, I have been reading the Song of Ice and Fire series (more commonly known as "A Game of Thrones") and have become a huge fan, so much so that I wanted to emulate it's feel into my hobby. The choice was obvious...


I want to make a Song of Ice and Fire-esque Bretonnian army, but unlike other collectors with the same idea, I won't be basing it on characters from the book, no sir. I've been playing a very long running Song of Ice and Fire roleplay campaign using a house me and my fellow players came up with together. I will not only be using this specific house but I am challenging myself to include every character we've ever played in the campaign (living or dead) and I will write about my workings as I go on.

Happy Birthday Games Workshop Wood Green!

I thought I would post about this whilst I'm updating. Tomorrow marks the Wood Green store's 5th birthday, and to celebrate the staff there are running some fun events. There will be a Warhammer Quest style game going on (£20 buys you your own warband) and, I'm not 100% sure if this was a joke or not, but apparently a "Take the Fort" style game where the Fort is made of cake! If that doesn't sound appetising (pun not intended) then I don't know what will.

Come join in the fun if you can, I will be down there, and the staff and community at the store are awesome and cool people.

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