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Battle Report: Necrons vs Chaos Daemons

Just in time for the New Year, I played a game against a buddy of mine down at Games Workshop Wood Green as part of their Winter Crusade today. I have another Battle Report ready from a few weeks ago but that will have to wait until I have the points values from my opponent. My Chaos loving foe today was good enough to give me his army list so I can complete today's report, so here we are!

The Army of Aeons Past

  • Necron Overlord with Gauntlet of Fire, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phase Shifter & Tesseract Labrynth (205pts)
  • Royal Court: Harbinger of the Storm with Lightning Field & Ether Crystal, Harbinger of Despair with Veil of Darkness (110pts)
  • Necron Warriors: 10 man unit (130pts)
  • Necron Warriors: 10 man unit (130pts)
  • Necron Immortals: 10 man unit with Gauss Blasters (170pts)
  • Necron Deathmarks: 5 man unit (95pts)
  • C'Tan Shard with Swarm of Spirit Dust & Sentient Singularity (235pts)
Fast Attack
  • Canoptek Wraiths: Unit of 3, Whip Coils (135pts)
Heavy Support
  • Monolith (200pts)
  • Annihilation Barge (90pts)
Total: 1,500 points

Daemons of Khorne

  • Bloodthirster with Deathstrike & Unholy Might (290pts)
  • Bloodthirster with Deathstrike & Unholy Might (290pts)
  • Bloodletters: 10 man unit with Chaos Icon & Instrument of Chaos (190pts)
  • Bloodletters: 10 man unit with Chaos Icon & Instrument of Chaos (190pts)
  • Pink Horrors: 5 man unit with Changeling (90pts)
  • Bloodcrushers: 3 man unit with Chaos Icon & Instrument of Chaos (150pts)
Fast Attack
  • Flesh Hounds of Khorne: 5 man unit with Karanak (110pts)
Heavy Support
  • Soul Grinder with Phlegm & Tongue (185pts)
Total: 1,495 points


Ignore the Daemons, they're not there...
After our armies were decided, we agreed to a long table edge set-up (not that Daemons care, they all deep strike) and rolled for our Warlord Traits. I chose to roll on the Command Traits table and scored The Dust of a Thousand Worlds, allowing my Warlord and all units within 12" to gain the move through cover rule, which could well prove useful. The Daemon player rolled on the Personal Traits table and gained the Master of Manoeuvre trait, rendered utterly useless for his pure deep striking army...

Afterwards we rolled on the mission table and got The Relic. The Objective was immediately placed in the centre, next to the Skyshield Landing Pad. We then rolled to see who went first (since rolling to see who deployed first was pointless). The Daemons won the roll and graciously gave me the first turn.

It may also be worth mentioning that we both agreed that the Skyshield Landing Pad was fully function as per the fortification, albeit totally neutral. I also elected to keep my Deathmarks in reserve for now...

Turn 1

Predictably in a game versus Daemons where they go second, very little happened in the first turn. My Necrons lurched forward, running where possible and splitting off into smaller detachments so as to make assault harder for when the Daemons arrived. Nemekh the Summoner (the Overlord) ran his Warriors through craters around the back of the landing pad, whilst my Immortals ran towards the relic, followed by the Wraiths who secured the Landing Pad and my C'Tan Shard ran headlong into the woods which turned out to be an Iron Bark Forest, granting it a 3+ cover save.

A Bloodthirster appeared!
Half of the Daemon forces were sent forward in their first turn, throwing out a Soul Grinder, a Bloodthirster, some Pink Horrors and a unit of Bloodletters, all of which were unable to move in the first turn, however, the Soul Grinder unleashed a fury of shots at the Immortals, killing an overall 1 post reanimation. My Deathmarks attempted to call on their Ethereal Interception only to suffer a mishap and putting them back into ongoing reserves.

The Daemon Host arrives

Turn 2

The Annihilation Barge unleashes hell... quite literally
Spotting the Bloodthirster swooping down on to the battlefield, the Annihilation Barge unleashed it's Tesla weaponry at it, needing 6's to hit and scoring two of them, causing an astonishing 6 hits in total, inflicting 2 unsaved wounds and grounding the beast. With the Bloodthirster downed, the Monolith fired it's Particle Whip and hitting on the scatter dice robbing the Greater Daemon of another wound bringing it down to it's final wound! Things were starting to look up.

The Necrons launch their counter attack
With the relic in hand, the Immortals began their retreat to secure it whilst the Wraiths and the C'Tan lurched forward to hold off the advancing hordes. The C'Tan failed to charge, but the Wraiths hit the Bloodletters with full force, removing 5 of them but losing a Wraith in the process.

Also seizing the opportunity, the Harbinger of Despair cloaked his Necron Warriors in a veil of darkness, landing next to the Soul Grinder to destroy it. The hail of gauss fire removed 2 of it's hull points. The Deathmarks (who had arrived at this point on the Landing Pad) attempted to assassinate the second Bloodthirster that just arrived but failed to do anything.

The rest of the Daemons arrive
During the Daemon's second turn, the entire force was lucky enough to all appear, causing things to look very bad for the Necrons. The Soul Grinder fire a full force of phlegm and tongue at the Warriors before charging the unit, killing 6 Warriors and the Cryptek in total. Seeing no way to damage the vehicle, the remainder of the unit fled into the Ironbark Forest, easily beating it's sweeping advance.

Tesla and Ordnance fire only annoyed it further!
Meanwhile, enraged by the force of Tesla and Ordnance fire only served to enrage the Bloodthirster as he launched an assault into the Annihilation Barge and exploding it in a single combat phase. He eyed the Monolith next menacingly...

Turn 3

Player's Note: I'm fully aware the models are out of coherency above, we couldn't balance the models properly so we made the best of a bad situation.

The Immortals continued to fall back, trying to outrun the inevitable slaughter coming their way whilst gunning down the Horrors that had arrived, killing several of their number before the Monolith, in an astonishing display of accuracy, finished them off with a pinpoint strike with it's Particle Whip. In an attempt to buy time for the Immortals, the C'Tan charged the Bloodcrushers, but in an abysmal display of dice rolls failed to even wound a single one!

The Wraiths finish off their foes
The Wraiths meanwhile successfully finished off their daemonic foes, losing one further wound but standing fast as a new unit of Bloodletters and a Soul Grinder stares them down. The Soul Grinder then promptly fired at the Wraiths, inflicting 3 wounds of which cursed rolling meant I failed all of them! Damn! However, luckily, the ordnance blast stripped a Bloodcrusher of a single wound.

With precious little else, the Daemons were relentless in their assault and charged everything in sight. The Hounds of Khorne charged the remaining Warriors in the forest and promptly ripped them to shreds, the 1 hit wonder Bloodthirster charged the Monolith and exploded it, the new Bloodletters joined in the assault against the C'Tan and together the Daemons brought the pseudo-god down to a single wound and the C'Tan, still cursed by bad rolling, failed to even cause a single wound! Curse those dice rolls!

The C'Tan seems helpless to do anything
The Bloodthirster relishes it's victory
Finally, and inevitably, the new Bloodthirster charged the Immortals. Overwatch failed to wound and, still accursed with poor rolling, the Lightning Field rolled a single automatic hit then rolled a 1 to wound! I had obviously been cursed by Khorne to fail this time around as the Bloodthirster killed 4 Immortals and locking them in combat. The Immortals still held the relic, hope was still there.

Turn 4

Nemekh unveils himself!
Finally pulling themselves forward, Nemekh and his group of Warriors finally appeared for a flank attack on the Soul Grinder, shooting and inflicting those precious 2 hull points I was hoping for. Unfortunately, being a Daemon, it saved one of the points and lived to fight another day. Damn!

The mayhem continues...
Realising that the ominously quiet 1 hit wonder Bloodthirster was lurking to earn points through Linebreaker, the Deathmarks turned about and shot at it, failing to inflict a single wound again! The C'Tan, realising the Bloodletters could take the relic (finally) turned it's attacks on the Bloodletters, killing 3 of them, but the Daemons overwhelmed it and the loss of it's last wound caused it to explode, killing a Bloodcrusher and 3 Bloodletters and inflicting another wound on another Bloodcrusher. Ironic how he causes more damage in death than in life.

The Bloodletters then consolidated towards the relic, whilst the Bloodcrushers headed towards Nemekh.

The Daemons consolidate
The Immortals keep on fighting
The combat with the new found Bloodthirster was looking hopeless as the Greater Daemon destroy another 2 Immortals before the unit was charged by the Hounds of Khorne and the remaining Bloodletters. Fortunately the Cryptek's Lightning Fields responded better, killing 2 Hounds and 2 Bloodletters before the unit was wiped out and the relic claimed by the Forces of Chaos.

Nemekh holds his ground
Meanwhile, the Soul Grinder returned fire at the Warriors, killing all but the Overlord in a single shot before the Necron leader was charged by Bloodcrushers. In the ensuing conflict, both sides inflicted a single wound, but the Daemons won combat due to their Chaos Icon. Nemekh passed his morale test and stood his ground!

At the pinnacle of Turn 4, we rolled to see if there would be a Turn 5. A 2 was rolled, and the game was ended.

The Deathmarks look on in dismay...
The final tally counted up, it turned out that the Daemons got the relic, Linebreaker and First Blood, whereas the Necrons only counted Linebreaker since Nemekh was so far into enemy territory...

Final Victory Points Tally
Daemons: 5
Necrons: 1

Victory to Chaos Daemons!


Damn! So close! It was a tight game with some bad tactical decisions (my C'Tan attacking the Bloodcrushers instead of the Troops choice for example) and some incredibly, incredibly unlucky dice rolls... seriously, if I was playing Yahtzee, I would have cleaned the table there!

That's not to say however that I didn't have fun, it was awesome and I got some more insight into my army as a whole:

  • Tesla weapons are some of the best anti-flyer weapons in the Necron codex. Even when snap firing, every hit gives you 3 hits in this case which is how I was able to do so much damage to that Bloodthirster. My faith in my Annihilation Barge is restored!
  • Remember kids, always attack Troop choices in objective based games. There's a very good chance I could have at least nullified the objective if I chose to attack the Bloodletters and not the Bloodcrushers with my C'Tan.
  • Always think of an escape route in Relic missions! Seriously, I got stuck and paid the price.
  • Also, taking wargear that screws up Deep Strike doesn't quite work as well on Daemons as you might think... unless they stray too much on the Deep Strike. However, I would definitely use Ethereal Interception with my Deathmarks again, I cannot begin to tell you how awesome that rule is against Daemons!
All in all, fantastic game. Well done to the Chaos Daemons and their victory!

Edit: Okay I had a limited time to write all this report up last night so I'm going to add the rest here now that I have some time to add to it. First of all, I miscalculated my opponent's list, not my opponent, I was accidentally referring to the Daemonettes of Slaanesh's points cost for the Bloodletters, d'oh! I've rectified the points values at the top of this report and will do so again if I'm yet again proved wrong.

Secondly, Staff Member Steve gave a brief background as to what the relic actually was, however, due to my agreements with the FWP group, I shall attempt to edit it down so as to make it more "family friendly". His story was that the relic was a girl who the Daemons wanted to capture to sacrifice and the Necrons wanted her because she carried a... how do I put this? "Crystal artificial appendage that acted as a power source that would be entered as a suppository would". To be honest I think a Slaaneshi Daemon army would have fitted that theme too... 

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