Sunday, 2 December 2012

The day Wood Green didn't close

As a serious one off for a friend's birthday, the Wood Green store stayed open a bit longer than the usual last night for a massive, 5 v 5 battle for Warhammer 40k!

This isn't an official battle report however, far too much I missed being at the other end of the table and far too many variables (we had one person arriving late to come in as reserves on the evil side, then didn't play so we had an extra army to even it up, then one army on the evil side could respawn to make up the points but then one of our people, who was playing 2 armies left and took his fortifications and turrets with him). Instead, this is a summary of what happened, some pictures to show the carnage that had occurred and some after thoughts on the battle itself.

The armies were as follows with whatever random occurrences happened. Please note that as the two Necron armies were the more neutral armies, each side were given one each:

The Armies of The Imperium

The Imperial Guard (Left at the start of Turn 4)
Death Company Blood Angels (Arrived at the start of Turn 2)
The Black Templars
Orks (Left at the start of Turn 4)
The Imhotep Dynasty (My army)

The Forces of Chaos

The Iron Warriors (Respawned on Turn 4)
Khorne Beserkers
Beastmen Marines of Chaos
The Sautekh Dynasty


The Wood Green Manager set up the terrain and scenario for us, and both sides set up simultaneously. We were informed that all secondary objectives would play a part in this game, with each Warlord slain granting us a Victory Point each. On top of this, there were 3 main objectives, the Imperial Bastion and a ruined Adeptus Mechanicus building were worth 3 points each (and were set up in opposing corners) and the Landing Pad in the centre was worth 5 points.

The Imperial and Chaos Forces set up - Bastion in the top
left and Landing Pad in the centre.
As old adversaries, the two Necron forces set up opposite
each other, with my forces holding the objective.
To determine who would go first, everyone rolled a dice (baring in mind one person on our side played two armies, giving each side 4 dice). The side with the highest number chose turn order. We won the roll and elected to go first.

Battle Summary

With both sides being so far apart and the Blood Angels all in reserve, very little occurred on either side for the first turn. Both Monoliths suffered a glancing hit from the pure gauss fire and both forces moved more or less into position for Turn 2.

The Deathmarks arrive from reserve to provide the Black
Templars with back up from Khan and his Terminators
In Turn 2, my Deathmarks arrived from reserves, deep striking and picking Khan the Betrayer as their designated target as the Black Templars pushed forward. I have been informed that the Imperial Guard cleared the Bastion of all but 1 Iron Warrior which was promptly forgotten, allowing him to hold the objective.

The Sautekh Dynasty moves against their rivals
With my Necrons holding a vital objective, the opposing Necron forces began to move in. meanwhile, my Immortals positioned themselves to choke off any flank attacks by taking cover in a nearby crater.

The Valkyrie arrives to drop off Storm Troopers
And here is a picture of what was happening on the other side of the battlefield. I honestly have little knowledge of what was happening here.

The Deathmarks find their target
I decided to take a risk in Turn 3, marching my Deathmarks within rapid fire range of Khan's squad, taking aim and killing 3 of the Terminators in a single shooting phase, with 4 wounds, 2 rending (both failed their 5+ invulnerable and another rolling a 1). This allowed the Black Templars to bravely engage the unit in close combat and win, killing the remaining 2 Terminators and Khan, but losing their own Warlord in the process. 1 Victory Point for both sides!

The Monoliths stand as smoldering wrecks
And here's what happens when two Necron forces fight each other. By the end of the Imperium's 3rd turn, both Monoliths had been glanced to death, forming a rather convenient line of cover and valley of living metal.

The Deathmarks get charged by Beserkers
Probably one of my favourite moments in the battle was when the Beserkers charged my Deathmarks. The Deathmarks yielded no damage but lost 3 men in the first round of combat (2 of which reanimated). In the second round, they lost a single man and failed their morale check...

... However, despite their low initiative, they narrowly avoided the Sweeping Advance and immediately regrouped to take out another Necron Warrior! Points well spent!

Brown Trousers Time!
With the Imperial Guard/Ork player leaving, the fortifications and turret magically disappear from the objective as the Iron Warriors respawn, using it's Vindicator to annihilated most of my men. If that wasn't bad enough, the Sautekh Dynasty had, not 1, but 2 Doom Scythes heading my way. The largely untouched contingency of Warriors and my Overlord suddenly found themselves in hot water. One Doom Scythe even killed my Overlord, but he proved far too tough and reanimated using his ressurection orb, robbing the Chaos Forces of a Victory Point! It was here that the game ended...

Final Victory Points Tally
Armies of the Imperium: 11
Forces of Chaos: 6

Victory for the Armies of the Imperium!


What a battle! I know I couldn't fit all the details in, too much happening, too little time to take notes. But thoroughly enjoyed it! If only the opposing armies contested the Landing Pad, we would've drawn, but I loved every moment of it! For the details I missed, here's a quick bullet point summary of all the cool things that happened:

  • My personal unit of the match is easily the Deathmarks - To wipe 3 Terminators in one round of shooting, hold up a unit of Khorne Beserkers for 2 rounds, survive a Sweeping Advance then take out another Warrior, they more than justified their points cost!
  • The man of the entire match was definitely the birthday boy's very own Lemartes - He took on staff member Steve's very own Beastman Marine Warlord in single combat, fighting the last round with 1 wound each. With his own 4 attacks against the Beastman's 9, both ignoring normal armour saves, he killed the Warlord then made every invulnerable save he was called to make, prompting a team-wide high five!
  • Very little was said about my Harbinger of the Storms but this bad boy has NEVER let me down. Seriously, in previous battles he has killed many Gargoyles and even an Emperor's Champion with his Lightning Fields. This game, the other Necron player almost had a heart attack when his Voltaic Staff scored a penetrating hit on his Doom Scythe. Sadly I rolled for a Crew Shaken which his Living Metal ignored. Still 1 hull point was lost.
  • Black Templars are great for Necron support - I'm not entirely sure if this is legal (we weren't abiding by the allies chart). I've played against the Black Templars player before, and lost in what we both called a close game, but it was interesting to see them working together for this game.
  • Monoliths are pointless against other Necrons. In 2/3 turns, both me and the other Necron player realised we threw 200 points down the drain. Oh well.
  • And finally, no-one remembered to take out the lone Iron Warrior holding the bastion. We think he's still there now...

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