Friday, 14 December 2012

Where'd all the updates go?

Just checking in to let you all know I'm still alive and haven't forgotten about the blog! Hobby business is a little slow at the moment, having been working more than the usual on the run up to Christmas, plus my flat is cold and shivering whilst painting really doesn't do your paint job any justice I've found. I've been working on my Wraiths when I can but I've learnt quite a valuable lesson with them.

They're fun to put together, hell to paint.

Well, that's just my experience. Fact of the matter is my painting technique for Necron metal is a little more involving on these critters. For example, each individual segment on the tails.

But otherwise I should have a few cool things to update about, which I shall explain in bullet point format for ease and convenience.

  • I finally got my copy of Space Hulk back, and am eyeing the models up to paint.
  • I bought some Bretonnians and some replacement heads from Mirliton (my first attempt to use alternative parts on models) which I am waiting to arrive. I will let you all know the results.
  • I finished my attempt at icy ponds in the 40k craters. Not great but it's reasonable. Will post pictures and a quick tutorial when I can.
  • I got some money I intend on buying a particular Forgeworld model with...
  • A hobby group I am a part of is running monthly painting competitions to it's members in which the winner chooses the next contest. This month it's Non-Astartes Imperials, so expect an Assassin of some sort.
  • Finally, I have a game in the Games Workshop Wood Green 40k league on Sunday against Daemons which I will be writing a battle report on. They seem to be popular!

That is all. Should be another update latest Monday. If not, I will post eventually so watch this space!

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