Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A New Year, New Projects

Happy New Year everyone! What was YOUR new years resolutions?

I've decided to finally put some Bretonnians together for my Fantasy army. Just a shame the Knights of the Realm box set doesn't contain a number of knights that is divisible by 3, I have a missing member at the back of the ranks!  But anyways, as I've stated before the theme of my Bretonnians will be based loosely on the stylings of A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of books that I've found myself getting absorbed in. However, there are many, many people who create Bretonnian armies based on the books, so I've decided to go a slightly different route. I am basing the entire army on the Kinnemorne House, a fictional Song of Ice and Fire House that myself and the other members of my weekly roleplay group created for a campaign, and my challenge is to model and somehow fit in every single player character that has appeared in our campaign so far, living and dead.

Gwint Kinnemorne is the youngest son of the House
Meet the first of these such characters, Gwint Kinnemorne, the youngest son of the Kinnemorne House who spends much of his time in the stables and his riding skills are second to none. As he is less concerned with nobility and more interested in horse breeding and horse riding, I decided to dress Gwint down compared to the other nobles I will eventually convert, but he shall be painted in richer house colours than the rest of his regiment when I get around to painting him. I will do a more in depth analyses later down the line when I do the other 3 Kinnemorne player characters - Tyvian, Maarz and Meena. I will point out now that Gwint is not my character, although Maarz (who is my next model project) was until recently.

Mirliton heads are not a bad fit on Bretonnian Knights
In order to De-French my Bretonnians and give them a look that fits better with the theme, I decided to use alternate heads from Mirliton. I will do a proper review when I've fully painted them up to give the product a more detailed description, but so far I'm impressed, especially as this is my first attempt at using alternate components on a miniature. I tend to steer clear of doing this as I like to game in my regular store, but the components are so minor that I will still be allowed, fortunately.

You may be wondering why I started putting these together now? Well, you can thank Staff Member Steve for this. Steve is an old college buddy of mine and staff member of Wood Green's store. I have yet to play a game against him, so I brought it up last weekend and the response was "We will game soon, but only if you start putting your Fantasy stuff for a game of that too." Well played Staff Member Steve, well played. I feel that I should explain he's more of a Fantasy player than a 40k player and was excited to hear I was starting to collect the game myself.

But what about your 40k projects!?

It has arrive-ethed...
Don't worry, my Necrons aren't on the back burner, but I will attempt to divide my time between systems from now on, so posts may be a bit more varied in 2013. I have a Triarch Stalker I want to get painted up for a game soon, plus my first ever Forgeworld purchase has arrived! In the immortal words of Rolf Harris, can ya guess what it is yet?

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