Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Tale of X Gamers

So as I briefly mentioned in my last post, my hobby group has started a "Tale of Gamers" campaign/project which has been titled "A Tale of X Gamers". The rules have been stated as follows:
  • Each army must be a new army.
  • Photos of assembly and painting stages are required for every entry.
  • Every month, a minimum of 5 models or a single codex entry from a 40k codex is to be completed, with the first monday of each month being the deadline for each project.
  • Every army must have an army list.
  • Every unit and character has to come with at least 300 words of history and background.
  • A commitment to meet up and play quarter/bi-yearly following a narrative campaign.
So yeah, I've decided to do an army of second company Ultramarines for this campaign project. Should be fun. Unfortunately due to lack of money and time this month, I will be starting with Cato Sicarius, a model I've had for years and not touched. I also have a few bits and bobs lying around that I can use.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates, I will be labeling my posts with the tag "Tale of X Gamers".

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