Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Painting Contest Entry: Dark Angels Librarian

On my quest to improve my painting skills, I've been highly focused on painting contest entries lately, so I took the opportunity to paint something different this week for the upcoming painting contest my regular store is having in a few weeks. Oh, also get a stamp for participating. I feel so special!

Probably my favourite model in the Dark Vengence box

To be perfectly honest, I chose this model not just because I love it, but because I've been looking for excuses to come up with a new way of painting blue for when I get back to my beloved Ultramarines. Ahhhh...

So I thought I would run through how I I painted this guy. Well, rather than repeat myself, the majority of this model was painted using methods I used on the Culexus Assassin I painted a few weeks back (the bones, the eye lens etc.). So here's a quick run down of how I painted some key parts of the miniature:

Armour: The armour was basecoated with my signature mix of Ultramarines Blue and Regal Blue, followed by 2 washes of Drakenhoff Nightshade. I then highlighted every edge using pure Ultramarines Blue, then progressively highlighted each section with a 50/50 mix of Ultramarines Blue and Space Wolves Grey and then pure Space Wolves Grey. I finished the effect by glazing the whole armour with Guilliman Blue.

Purity Seals & Robes: I took the method of painting these directly out of the latest White Dwarf. A basecoat of Steel Legion Drab followed by a coat of Baneblade Brown leaving the deepest recesses, then finally I highlighted the robes using Rakarth Flesh. I felt this gave the model a nice, dirty look that befits a Space Marine.

Flesh: I hadn't done flesh in a while but I feel this came out well. I started with a basecoat of Bugman's Glow then washed the area with Reikland Fleshshade. I then added a layer of Cadian Fleshtone (leaving the recesses), then a highlight of a 50/50 mix of Cadian Fleshtone and Bleached Bone.

Chapter Symbol: The stone-like chapter symbol was painted using a basecoat of Dawnstone before being washed with Nuln Oil. I then layered another coat of Dawnstone before I highlighted the whole thing with Space Wolves Grey.

Force Sword: Actually the thing I was least proud of on the miniature. I basecoated the blade with Leadbelcher and washed the area with the "force sword squiggles" with Drakenhoff Nightshade. I then glazed the sword (attempting to stray away from the edges) with Guilliman Blue. I then highlighted the blade Runefang Steel. The force squiggles were basecoated Tin Bitz, then Gahenna's Gold was added to the pointy bits of the squiggles (technical terminology, I know!) and then a highlight of Runefang Steel to the very tips. The gold of the hilt is simply a basecoat of Tin Bits, highlighted Gahenna's Gold and the tips at the top of the hilt were painted Runefang Steel.

So there you have it! This will get entered on the 2nd February, so wish me luck. Oh and whilst I'm updating, my Culexus Assassin came 3rd or 4th in my hobby group's contest this month, but it was a close one between entries, only 1 vote separated each place.


  1. I used The Fang for the armor on mine, as I think Macragge is too "blue" for a DA librarian. I then mixed in Ulthuan Grey progressively up in two highlights. Came out dynamite.

    1. It's down to personal taste. For me this was a tester for my Ultramarines project and I find the Fang a bit too grey.

  2. agree about preference and agree about it being too grey for Ultras. but for some reason, I don't see why the DA librarian should be Macragge blue when he's not an Ultra.

    1. That's a fair enough point. People interpret the hobby as they like, it's one of the best things about the hobby in my opinion :)