Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Future of the Blog: Resolutions 2013!

I saw this idea on another blog from last year, I thought it would be a great idea to do this myself, trying to push myself in the hobby, get better, do more... generally just have things to update throughout the year. Even in the last 10 days, things are already looking up hobbywise. I've painted a contest miniature, painting a second one already, began prepping some Bretonnians as I start my journey into the realm of fantasy, getting my first Forge World purchase. So far so good, so, here are the goals I'm setting myself for 2013:

1. Have a fully painted 3,000 point Necron army

Most of my force as it stands
I've never really had an army above 2,000 points. Even in my slap-dash paint job days I got to a certain number of points and went "nah, that's enough". I'm determined not to let my Necrons suffer that fate, I want big battles and smaller battles with more selections to choose from.

Still, I got to a good start in 2012. I have over 1,500 points painted so I'm over half way there. I still have lots of unpainted Necrons still to add that I conveniently forgot after seeing something shiny, and by fully painted I don't mean squads of warriors without arms, no, I mean fully painted to the point that I don't have to touch them ever again, unless a) I have a game and I want to use them or b) the arms fall off and I have to bug Staff Member Steve for his thin plastic glue in store.

2. Have a fully painted (legal) 1,500 point Bretonnian army

Off to a good start
So last year, I promised Staff Member Steve and another buddy of mine, both avid fantasy players, that I would start the game. Personally, I've always been more of a 40k player, I've always found small squads of heavily armed and armoured troops more appealing, but I thought I would get into a different system and challenge myself in all aspects of the hobby.

This will be a little harder than the first resolution being that I have a regiment of undercoated knights and a regiment of unpainted bowmen, I have a way to go. Still, Bretonnian knights are 24 points a piece, so every cloud has a silver lining I suppose. I also felt the need to add the word "legal" in the header of this resolution as I need a Lord and an army Standard Bearer and my Necron army already has a fully painted legal army.

3. Enter ALL of my hobby group's painting contests

First contest entry
So, as I briefly mentioned monday, my hobby group holds a monthly painting contest to encourage everyone to get used to painting outside their comfort zone. It's a fantastic idea, and for the last few months I've really been trying to push the boat out on my painting skills, and if I lose, I just say "got to do better then!". There is a set theme for each contest as chosen by the previous winner, so truth is I won't know what I will be painting until the last contest is done and dusted!

It's a brilliant idea and I've decided to go with the flow and paint something for each and every contest they throw my way in order to improve my skills as a painter. As most of you may already know, I already entered my Culexus Assassin into this month's contest, which was "Non-Astartes Imperials" month. If you missed the post, you can read it here.

4. Play 2 battles every month against different armies

Khorne servants served me up for dinner last month
I've always had this thing about 40k where I end up playing the same armies over and over again. Back in second edition, I played nothing but Eldar. Third edition I played nothing but Orks. Sixth edition looked to be a Tyranid edition for me to start off with, but fortunately I've played some different armies with interesting configurations. I've fought Black Templars, Chaos Space Marines, other Necrons and I got served a decent portion of humble pie by an army of Chaos Daemons last month.

I want to try and keep this ball rolling, adapt my tactics, play against new armies with different configurations. Therefore I will attempt to play at least two games every month, both against different armies. I gotta keep my tactics keen if I'm actually going to win a battle report. Which reminds me...

5. Write a battle report every month

My first battle report proved popular
It always surprises me just how many people love to read battle reports. Even stranger is all the positive feedback I got from the reports I've written - I've been a really newbie at it! Still, they've got great substance and have proven to be popular.

But more than that, it gives me a great opportunity to read up on my mistakes and change my strategies accordingly. This will be a more tricky resolution to keep because battle reports require a bit of forward planning, plenty of pictures, notes and a good memory. But I enjoy writing them anyway and it gives me great material to add to the blog. If you haven't read my first battle report, check it out here.

6. Start "Project: Smurfs"

That last Ultramarines I painted
"Project: Smurfs" is a massive hobby undertaking that I've been planning since I started sixth edition... yep, that's right, I planned it before I even restarted my Necrons!

I've always found the Ultramarine hate to be unfair. Their not boring, just misunderstood. They were my first ever army, I still love them, and I'm determined to get better at painting so I can make the army reboot look awe inspiring and amazing. I want people to see my Ultramarines and restore faith in them, a goal people have merely responded to with "good luck, you'll need it". Harsh. But I'm not just talking about painting standards, I'm talking about conversions, making them more of a hobby project than a minimum table top quality army, so no expectations to get them done quickly. I've kind of already tested out some new stuff in preparation for the project with painting projects, but I want at least some form of contribution to a new Ultramarines army by 2014.

7. Get some terrain done and play a game on my own board

The Realm of Battle Board is already done
So back in November, I finally painted my Realm of Battle board after scouting for a spot to actually spray it up. I was very happy with the results in the end, but now it needs to be christened with BLOOD AND FURY. Oh, and it also needs terrain.

However, my problem of late has been lack of terrain. I've been too preoccupied with painting my soldiers, I put no thought as to the field they'll be standing on! Oh well, I better remedy that soon. I still have an Imperial City to put together as well as those craters I've been promising pictures of. Yeah, I'll get on that, honest.


Well I kept this quiet on the blog, but I saw the Hobbit just before Christmas (amazing film by the way, go see it) and I suddenly had the urge to start the Hobbit and bought the limited edition starter set. I know, I'm an addict.

Pretty straight forward really, I can't really let this box set go to waste. I want to get into the Hobbit so I can complete my Games Workshop games collection. I'm thinking Dwarves...


  1. Some strong targets set, good luck and happy new year, You can do a battle report on the 30th of Jan. ^^

  2. Oh yeah! Well, if I'm able to make it down, hopefully I will. I'll see if I have accrued any holidays. Temp work sucks! But I will defo get back to you guys.

  3. Good luck and keep on going :-)

  4. Thanks Eldritch. I'm looking bad for the "get two games in a month" spiel, all my games keep falling through at the moment! Possible match against a Deathwing army next week though...