Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ultramarine Army List

So as I stated in my resolutions that I wanted to restart my Ultramarines this year, but I've been waiting for a time that I felt comfortable enough with my skills as both a painter and modeller before I started them properly. Well, so happens that moment has arrived and I've agreed to join a "Tale of Gamers"-esque project where by we have a minimum of 5 models per month to paint as part of a new army and must write up some background story for each unit. Well, technically this is a new army and I will be using this as an excuse to start my project.

To give myself an outline of what I will do in preparation for the project, I decided to draw up an army list to stick to, painting whatever took my fancy each month. These armies will end up battling each other so I had to take that into consideration and my army list will need to be flexible and adaptive, an all rounder to fight any army and stand a fair chance. So readers, here is the list I have come up with and how I intend to employ it in my games...

  • Captain Cato Sicarius (200pts)
  • Tactical Squad: 10 man unit with Heavy Bolter & Flamer. Sergeant replaces Boltgun with Chainsword. Dedicated Transport - Drop Pod with Locator Beamer. (215pts)
  • Tactical Squad: 10 man unit with Lascannon & Plasma Gun. Sergeant has Teleport Homer. Dedicated Transport - Rhino. (240pts)
  • Tactical Squad: 10 man unit with Multi-Melta & Melta Gun. Dedicated Transport - Rhino. (210pts)
  • Terminator Squad: 5 man unit with Assault Cannon & 2 x Chainfists (230pts)
  • Dreadnought with Assault Cannon (115pts)
Fast Attack
  • Assault Squad: 5 man unit with Flamer. Sergeant has Storm Shield and Power Sword (140pts)
  • Land Speeder Squadron: 2 Land Speeders, both Tornado Patterns with Multi-Meltas and Heavy Bolters (140pts)
Total: 1,500 points

The plan with this list is to balance anti-infantry and anti-tank with plenty of scoring units which, due to the Combat Squads rule, can be split into 6 smaller scoring units. Each Tactical Squad has a different role, one is anti-infantry (Heavy Bolter/Flamer), one is anti-tank (Multi-Melta/Melta) and can do either averagely (Lascannon/Plasma). Terminators I've realised is an absolute must, their 2+ save and 5+ invulnerable make them especially meaty in 6th edition, and it is the reason I've also equipped locator beacons and teleport homers in the army. The Dreadnought is there to add some fire power and the Assault Squad is there to lend some close combat punch. The Land Speeders have been added to add some hard hitting and serious anti-tank/anti-infantry where it will be needed. Finally, I took Cato Sicarius as my HQ choice because for 200 points, he's a steal, and his ability to give a special rule to any tactical squad allows me a bit of flexibility to whatever army I fight.

So what do you all think? Anything you would change? All comments welcome!


  1. nice, but nothing to deal with flyers.

  2. Good point. I was also advised to swap the melta and flamer round so all squads can deal with any threat.

  3. AC's are great for hitting flyers, and rending helps... And 4 krak missiles a turn isn't something to sniff at! Looks very balanced to say the least. Would agree with swapping the melta to the drop pod, gives you the option of turn 1 vehicle popping cheese should you need it :)

  4. Oh yeah, like you did with my Annihilation Barge... sneaky.

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  6. So what changes have you made to this army? I am starting my Ultramarine force and would love an update or feedback on what you have learned or changed.

    1. Wow, that's a question and a half, there's so many neat little combos I'm just itching to try now. A few ideas I'm toying with at the moment:

      Rhino + Stormtalon escort - For when you want that Rhino from reserve to survive past 1 turn.
      Stalkers in Reserve - When those annoying winged monstrous creatures break through your lines, add the random stalker it didn't see before to blow it out of the sky.
      Captain + Command Squad + Las/Plas Razorback - With th right combination, especially with Sicarius, this is deadly. Jump out, 2 twin-linked plasma guns, a lascannon and horrendous amounts of shots from the transported troops. Change Sicarius around for Tigurius and you benefit from storm of fire too.

      In my opinion, with Space Marines you need to find what's best to surgically strike in your opponent, keep the general army with a good mix of hard hitting and plenty shooting with some fast moving units. Zoom those units up to where they are needed and pinpoint remove them. Space Marines aren't about weathering shots, they're about battlefield superiority. Keep it balanced. Never underestimate using plenty of Tactical Squads. Find synergy between units. Don't just rock up with your basic list and just go gun-ho, think about how each unit benefits each other.

      This is especially great with Ultramarines. Think of how you can best use the doctrines to your advantage, for example:

      Tigurius with Foreboding + Devastator Doctrine - Horrible combination. Overwatch with Tigurius and his unit will mow almost everything down, firing Overwatch at normal BS and rerolling all failed to hits.

      Devastators + Devastator Doctrine - Use the typical Tau tactic here, when the enemy fast approaches move back, unleash hell!

      There are more. There are also horrible ways to equip your squads. For a laugh, I'm toying with a Vanguard unit, 5 w/Storm Shields and 5 w/Power Lances. Place the storm shields at the front for all 3++ saves and S5/AP3 on the charge. Horrible, but expensive.

      All in all, probably not much I would change, I dunno. I may very well do another blog post on this interesting conundrum :)