Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another Army: Jo's Iron Warriors

I've always believed that miniatures are not only a fantastic creative hobby, but also a very communal one. Ideas always bounce around and inspire other hobbyists to do something different, even I have been known to plagerise ideas off other hobbyists (one example is my Harbinger of Despair using a Cairn Wraith for it's base). It is for this reason I've decided to start a new section called Another Army which showcases other peoples armies to inspire and to show off, and to kick things off I present to you all Jo's Iron Warriors.

Jo's Iron Warriors are a prime example of a fluffy army, everything has been modeled in accordance to the army's background, from basic conversions to add flavour to completely new interpretations of existing units.

No Iron Warriors are complete without vehicles!
Jo's vehicles are a typical example of any good Iron Warrior army, with plenty of black/yellow strips, extensive use of metals, iron helmets (see the Dreadnought) and plenty of weaponry!

Iron Warriors Dreadnought
Iron Warriors Rhino with plenty of missiles!
Heavily armoured Land Raider

What has really captured the imagination for Jo's Iron Warriors, however, is the introduction of Warp Smiths in the Chaos Codex. However, with the Iron Warriors lack of Daemons, Jo opted to go for a more Astartes look for his Warp Smith rather than the writhing daemonic tentacles look.

Iron Warriors Warp Smith

However, the highlight of Jo's army for me is his interpretation of Iron Warrior Plague Marines. Again, with the lack of Daemons in the Iron Warrior background, Jo decided to go with a very fluffy reason as to how he could fit these units into his army. His solution was bionics and lots of them to represent their higher toughness and feel no pain special rule. Brilliant!

Bionic Iron Warriors used as Plague Marines

Hopefully you've all enjoyed this post and maybe even got some inspiration. Hopefully I will be posting some more about other armies over the next few months as well as my regular posts. Until then, see ya all!

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