Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Battle Report: Necrons vs Tyranids - The Rematch!

As you may rememb10er, my first battle report was against my friend's Tyranids who smashed me... twice. Then the other week we joined forces and after 4/5 turns, we both got smashed. Yesterday, I was due a game with Imperial Guard, but the battle didn't happen to I challenged the Tyranids to a rematch. With some new units under my belt and in a larger battle, I was intrigued to see how well my metal warriors would do this time...

The Army of Aeons Past

  • Necron Overlord with Gauntlet of Fire, Phylactery, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phase Shifter & the Phaeron upgrade (220pts)
  • Royal Court: Harbinger of the Storm with Lightning Field & Harbinger of Despair with Veil of Darkness (95pts)
  • Necron Warriors: 10 man unit (130pts)
  • Necron Warriors: 10 man unit (130pts)
  • Necron Immortals: 10 man unit with Gauss Blasters (170pts)
  • C'Tan Shard with Swarm of Spirit Dust & Gaze of Death (255pts)
  • Deathmarks: 5 man unit (95pts)
  • Triarch Stalker with Heat Ray (150pts)
Fast Attack
  • Canoptek Wraiths: Unit of 3, Whip Coils (135pts)
Heavy Support
  • Monolith (200pts)
  • Annihilation Barge (90pts)
  • Canoptek Spyder with Gloom Prism & Fabricator Claws (75pts)
Total: 1,745 points

The Devouring Swarm

  • The Swarm Lord (280pts)
  • Hive Tyrant with Wings & Twin-Linked Devourers (Brain Leech Worms) & Ancient Adversary (285pts)
  • Termaguants: 16 man unit with Devourers (160pts)
  • Hormagaunts: 16 man unit (96pts)
  • Tervigon with Cluster Spines, Catalyst & Toxin Sacs (185pts)
  • Deathleaper (140pts)
  • Zoanthrope x 2 (120pts)
  • Hive Guard (150pts)
Fast Attack
  • Gargoyles: 12 man unit with Toxin Sacs (84pts)
Heavy Support
  • Tyrannofex with Acid Spray, Cluster Spines & Thorax Swarm (Shredder Beatles) (250pts)
Total: 1,750 points

Terrain and Special Rules

We decided to do something a little different to your average game when it came to the terrain. Instead of rolling and alternate placing, we decided to do it in the following way:

First of all both me and my opponent picked up 3 pieces of terrain. We then placed all the terrain we had wherever we wanted without the opponent watching where we place them (obviously we'll know on our next visit into the room).

We then did this over again, this time picking up 2 pieces of terrain and the next time picking up 1.

Once this was done we mutually agreed on moving some pieces of terrain and even added some to make the battlefield look varied and pretty. To add a bit more variety, we decided to add a few house special rules to some of the terrain pieces. We picked 4 pieces of terrain for this: The Underground Entrance, the Toxic Pool, the Chemical Plant and the Industrial Container.

The Underground Entrance: This piece of terrain counts as a normal ruin with a 4+ cover save. In addition, reserves may use the door to enter the board, counting as disembarking from a stationary vehicles.

The Toxic Pool: The pool counts as Industrial Ooze. In addition, the pool is so toxic that the pool also counts as dangerous terrain for any unit moving through it.

The Industrial Container: The container follows the same rules as fuel containers, however, the explosion uses a large template due to it's size and it's contents.

The Chemical Plant: The plant counts as a ruin that confers a 4+ cover save, however, if a cover save is made using this piece of terrain, the shots may set the building alight! For every cover saved made, the shooter gains an automatic hit against the plant. It has 3 hull points and an armour of 10 all round. If it loses it's last hull point, every turn roll a D6. on a roll of a 1, it explodes in a radius of 2D6" with a Strength of D6+2 and an AP of D6. If you score an explosion result on a penetrating hit, it explodes automatically!

Whoever causes the hit that makes the Chemical Plant explode also gains a single victory point.


Both rolled for deployment and I won the roll off meaning I got to deploy first. The mission was chosen as The Crusade (bog standard objectives) and the deployment was chosen as Vanguard Strike (diagonal deployment). My Warlord Trait was rolled as Inspiring Presence which, considering my entire army is Leadership 10, was rendered useless. I decided to keep my Monolith and Deathmarks in reserve, setting my foot troops on the main bulk of my deployment, whilst my heavier troops (the C'Tan, Annihilation Barge and Wraiths) were put along the edge of my deployment, with my Wraiths acting as a shield. My Spyder was moved between my Immortals, Warriors and Triarch Stalker to add some psychic protection to the bulk of my force. The plan was to combine my fire power in one one lump to eradicate oncoming forces.

The Tyranids were luckier in their Warlord Trait by rolling Night Attacker and enforcing Night Fighting on turn 1. Deathleaper also reduced my Overlord's Leadership to 9. The psychic powers rolled were Life Leech, Enfeeble, Haemorrage and Iron Arm on the Swarm Lord, Paroxysm and Leech Essence on the Flying Tyrant, Catalyst and Crush on the Tervigon and Warp Blast and Warp Lance on the Zoanthropes, a fierce collection against my Necrons. Synapse creatures were spread out along the line with the bulk of the army directly opposite to my own and the Tervigon and Flying Tyrant down the other end of the table, almost certainly to spawn more troops and to fly into my flank. It was very much a deployment for me to fear. The Tyranids attempted to seize the initiative and failed, giving me turn 1.

Turn 1

As is usual, very little happened on turn 1. With Night Fighting in effect, the cover saves were plenty for the Tyranids giving them the advantage. The Annihilation Barge, C'Tan and the Wraiths moved around the flank before the Wraiths got knocked down to a single model from shots made by the Flying Hive Tyrant. The Annihilation Barge unleashed it's shots at the Tervigon, stripping a single wound from all the tesla fire. The Tervigon responded by spawning 8 Termaguants to add to the fray that proceeded to charge and wipe out the last Wraith, losing only a single termagaunt in the process. Finally, the Flying Tyrant shot at the C'Tan and stripped 3 wounds from it, leaving it on 1 life remaining and putting my shard in a bad position.

Meanwhile the bulk of my army advanced forward, walking over the rubble, the gloom prism adding some psychic protection, the Triarch Stalker adding targeting. Shooting resulted in 2 dead gargoyle and the returning fire from the Hive Guard killed 3 Warriors, 1 returned from the dead.

The Warriors remain implacable.
The army continues forward.

Turn 2

On rolling for reserves, both my Deathmarks and my Monolith turned up. Utilising the Underground Entrance, my Deathmarks emerged and chose the Tervigon as their preferred target and the Monolith Deep Striked deep behind enemy lines. The Deathmarks, at such short range, they rapid fired at the Tervigon, stripping 2 more wounds from it, leaving it still with a whopping 3 wounds! Little did the Deathmarks know, however that the Deathleaper was stalking them all the way through the tunnel and appeared directly behind them. The Tervigon spawned some more vicious Termaguants and launched a combined assault at the Deathmarks, destroying them all in a single combat round despite the 2+ to wound from the Deathmarks!

The Monolith lands.
The Deathleaper appears from the Underground Entrance.
Meanwhile the C'Tan, using it's Swarm of Spirit Dust launched an attack at the nearby Termaguants before proceeding to charge them. The C'Tan killed a total of 3 of them but the toxin sacs carried by the termaguants allowed them to kill the shard, causing an explosion that killed all but 1 of them. The Annihilation Barge turned and shot at the Flying Tyrant, stripping a single wound before the Flying Tyrant flew over head, blasting at it's back armour with an almighty 6 penetrating hits (yes, 6!) causing it to explode!

The Annihilation Barge squares off against a Tyrant.
Back at the main battlefield, the Immortals, worried by the advance of the Tyrannofex, opened fire alongside the Warriors and the Triarch Stalker, stripping an almighty 3 wounds off it but not doing enough damage to save the nearest squad of Warriors being annihilated by it's attacks, killing the whole squad, but the Harbinger of the Storms rose up to fight again. Meanwhile the Termaguants armed with Devourers utterly annihilated the Immortals in a single round of shooting, leaving only the paranoid Overlord left to fight for glory. The Hive Guard also were able to immobilise the Triarch Stalker. The battle lines already looked utterly demolished by the end of Turn 2 and hope was already beginning to seep out of me, but I still had some tricks up my sleeve...

The battlelines look totally blown apart.
The Hormaguants swarm out of the Chemical Plant.

Turn 3

With some hope still remaining, I unleashed my master plan. My Harbinger of the Storms fired at the Hormaguants, scoring two wounds, both of which were saved by the Chemical Plant's cover save, which was exactly what I had hoped for. With the cover saves made and my staff having the haywire ability, I rolled to try and explode the plant, which would have caused mass devastation to the enemy army if successful. Unfortunately I took two hull points off it, not enough to even set it on fire, damn! The Hormaguants got in close enough to rip the Cryptek to pieces, 3 Hormaguants dying in the Lightning Field. Meanwhile, the brave Necron Overlord charged the Tyrannofex with the Spyder. The Tyrannofex, succumbing to the Mindshackle Scarabs brought itself down to 2 wounds, allowing the Spyder to destroy it with it's smash attack. Result!

The Overlord looks onward to the Swarm.
Meanwhile the Monolith transported the remaining Warriors to their position. They proceeded to shoot at the Zoanthropes killing 1 and knocking the other to a single wound before they Warp Lanced the Monolith, exploding it and killing 4 Warriors. However, before this the Monolith shot it's Particle Whip at the freshly bred Termauants, killing all but a single model! The Tervigon and Deathleaper moved in for the kill and wiped the squad out in a single combat.

The Tyranids walk off victorious.
Meanwhile, the Flying Tyrant moved around and was shot by the Triarch Stalker, reducing it to a single wound and sowing panic in the opponent. Predictable the Stalker was shot back and was wrecked by a tonne of glancing hits. The Swarmlord, seeing only the Spyder and the Overlord left to deal with. With that in mind, it charged but succumb to Mindshackle Scarabs, but it's Iron Arm ability and lucky invulnerable saves kept the Swarm Lord alive, despite rolling 2 lots of double ones for Psychic Tests earlier in the game.

Clash of the Titans!

Turn 4

The Spyder charged the Swarm Lord, adding it's might to the Overlord, but the Swarm Lord resisted the Mindshackle Scarabs and split it's attacks, killing the Spyder Outright, but the Overlord survived before a unit of Termaguants entered the fray. In response, the Overlord challenged the Swarm Lord to a dual which he had to accept, shielding the Overlord from Hormaguant death and, regardless of the re-rolls given to the Swarm Lord, the Overlord continued to live! Here's how it looked at the end of the turn...

The last stand!
 There was a turn 5, but I won't report on that, I think you can all see how this all turned out. I'll get my coat...

Final Victory Points Tally
Tyranids: 11
Necrons: Tabled!

Victory to Tyranids!


I can learn to hate these Tyranids, haha. Every time I play them I get tabled which almost never happens otherwise.

Oh where do I start with this battle? Well let's start with the Tyrannofex. They are disgusting at short range, it destroyed a whole squad in a single round of shooting and, when teamed up with 16 Termaguants with Devourers, you can expect to lose two squads a turn which is just horrible. Plus that's a lot of wounds to try and take off in one game! Don't get too close to these, it just spells trouble.

Let's move on to Tervigons. I hate these guys, it spawned two squads that took objectives because they had a single model remaining each, and the 6 wounds make them hard to take down, and my Deathmarks didn't help much in that either! I think when you take this and the Swarm Lord into account, I need to find ways to take out the Synapse Creatures, but there were loads I didn't know where to begin!

Now my own troops. My Spyder's Gloom Prism, as per usual, didn't nullify anything, I kept rolling under 4's as always which is just aggrovating, but luck's all part of it. However, they do make excellent back up melee troops being Monstrous Creatures. I will keep this in mind for future games. I'd like to also try a Spyder with a Particle Beamer too...

The Triarch Stalker performed admirably and I definitely think they do the best in a support position when trailing your Immortals/Warriors. Just by hitting they can give you twin-linked weapons and it's Heat Ray can cause serious damage to big models. They caused a fair few wounds to the big monsters which was definitely something I will remember for future games!

Finally, the special rules for the terrain we made gave the game some great tactical options, for example, if my Harbinger of the Storms exploded the Chemical Plant, I may well have gained an unexpected advantage, the fact Hormaguants swarmed through it could have worked out beautifully for me... but unfortunately luck wasn't on my side.

Next time Tyranids, next time...

Resolution Counter:
2/12 Battle Reports Written

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