Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Painting Contest Entry: Word Bearers Aspiring Champion

Following my resolutions set at the start of January, I had forced myself to commit to every one of my Hobby Group's painting contests, which quickly became a bad move as this month was Chaos month! Fortunately a friend had a spare Marine to paint so my entry was made for me. I decided to paint it in the style of my favourite First Founding traitor legion... the Word Bearers.

The miniature took a little under half a week to paint due to all the fiddly details spotted all over the model. I decided to attempt the method I used to paint my Dark Angels Librarian, but using reds and oranges and painting on the inside of the brass outlined armour as well. The result was a furiously infernal look which I came to be proud of. The face on the left shoulder was also blended using pinks as well to make it look merged to the armour.

The metal was painted with a straight basecoat of Leadbelcher with a wash of Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with Runefang Steel to give it a dirty, rusted look. The bone, however, was painted with a basecoat of Steel Legion Drab, layer coated with Ushabti Bone and highlighted with Scar White.

To add a more infernal and daemonic look to the model, I painted all the tubes purple to make it look like the armour is possessed and the Marine favoured by the dark gods. I also elected to paint the brain on the backpack as flames (partially to test out a technique for future projects) by base coating it with Khorne Red and working my way up through oranges and yellows, adding the more yellow colours at the base (Note to 'Eavy Metal, if you look at a fire, it's at its brightest at the base). The tabards and fabrics were painted in exactly the same way as I painted them on my Librarian.

I even decided to free hand my own Word Bearer Chapter Symbol. It didn't come out perfect but hopefully it came out well enough. Finally, the metal was painted with a basecoat of Tin Bitz, washed with Agrax Earthshade and finally highlighted with Gahenna's Gold.

And there you have it, one Word Bearers Aspiring Champion! Wish me luck in the forthcoming contest!

Resolution Counter:
2/12 Painting Contests Entered


  1. well done, but too "dirty" for me. I like my models cleaner.

    1. I like my Chaos dirty... and this isn't even a Slaanesh model! :P