Sunday, 17 February 2013

The day Wood Green closed forever

All pictures in this post have been taken by fellow Wood Green customer Michał Chmielewski and everyone whose faces are visible in the pictures have given expressed permission to be posted on this blog.

Today was a sad day for the hobbyists in my area as the Wood Green store in London fell victim to the financial crisis hitting the world and closed it's shutters for the last time at 5pm. But that's not to say that the store meekly entered the warp, oh no, it went out with a bang as we had one final party to end with just a day before.

The day kicked off with a repeat of last year's birthday event "Warhammer 40cake", where people built some cakes in the shape of cakes and use the codex rules for them in a massive battle. One person even decided to have infantry made from jelly babies mounted on chocolate buttons, but many were cakes cut and shaped into rough tanks with the odd chocolate finger or swiss roll added to simulate cannons. However, my favourite by far was the Ork Gargant made from pretty much every confectionary under the sun, including wafers, liquorice all sorts, chocolate icing, white chocolate shaped armour plating and, in a stroke of genius, solid milk chocolate molded using actual plastic sprues to make the molds.Victory never tasted so sweet!

After Warhammer 40cake, then started the special Dungeon Brawl game, where people made their own miniatures after paying to raid the store's bitz box and played in a unique game run by a good friend of mine (the same guy whose birthday it was in december). I didn't get a good look on the game, but I can tell you all the dungeon was sneakily hidden below the board that Warhammer 40cake was played on...

Ninja Board Appears!
At about 4pm, the store ran an auction that took credits built up during the Winter Crusade. Credits were gained by buying products in store. I had accrued roughly 200 in my collection and I had watched enough Storage Hunters to get some auction tips. There was plenty on offer too, from huge bitz boxes for 40k and Fantasy, plenty of posters, battle boards, limited edition miniatures and pictures usually only available at Games Workshop HQ, such as the one to the right. Unfortunately I didn't win any of those pictures but I did score a bunch of Warhammer Fantasy posters and the limited edition Games Day Blood Angel released last year with some surprising help from fellow hobbyist. I was very touched.

At the end of the day, the painting contest entries were ready to receive their judgement. The contest had to be split into several categories as an explosion of last minute entries burst into the cabinet! There were 6 categories, 3 for under 18s (Single Miniature, Unit and Vehicle/Monstrous Creature) and 3 for over 18s (Single Miniature, Unit and Vehicle/Monstrous Creature). Of course my Dark Angels Librarian was entered into the over 18s Single Miniature and came second to a Slaaneshi Lord that was entered earlier that day. So close! But I have to hand it to the guy who painted it, it did look beautiful and I congratulated him on coming in first in the category.

The over 18s Single Mini first place entry
A beautifully painted Nurgle Drone
My Librarian is second from the left at the front

That was all the staff had prepared for the penultimate day for the store, however, we as a community had other plans. A few weeks before hand, I commissioned a friend make some purity seals just for them, but that wasn't all. I managed to get some messages from the community, got them put on to parchment paper and framed them as a momento of the staffs time at the store.

Steve (left) and Manager Matt (right) receive their gifts
We are very happy to say that Steve and Matt have found new stores to work in and they both start Tuesday. Steve, an old college friend of mine and an amazingly awesome, funny and insane guy with an epic beard can be found at the Oxford Street Plaza store in future. Manager Matt, a great manager and an even more awesome guy can be found managing the Covent Garden store from the 19th onwards. If any of you guys are ever in those areas, drop in and say hi!

And so now, we must say good bye to the Wood Green store. I want to wish Matt and Steve the best of luck in the future!

One last thing: I got one last game in at the store today against a Chaos Space Marines today and won 10-0. Just thought I'd throw it out there!


  1. Hi

    Do you know of any plans for anyone to start up a gaming group in the Wood Green area following the closure of the store (and the gaming tables)?


    1. Hi there,

      There is a group of now ex Wood Green goers forming a Hounds of Hornsey which is hopefully opening up next week. They have a Facebook group that you can find here:

  2. Thank you. I'll maybe see you there.