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The Kinnemorne Project

So after having the big painting project that was Cato Sicarius, hanging out in the final days of Wood Green and cracking some heads open in Dread Ball, I've decided to make a start on the Kinnemorne Project to keep in line with my 2013 resolutions.

Essentially this post is a run down of my plans and the challenges I face with the army. Being a Song of Ice and Fire inspired army I knew that Bretonnians are the way to go, what with their love of heraldry and it's knight theme. I did debate which house to go for, did I go Lannisters and have an army of houses to choose from? Or how about the North Men with their Dire Wolves and connections to the Night Watch? How about the forces rarely done like Stannis Baratheon's host with Davos and Melissandre? I decided that all these are far too easy to think of so I decided to do something completely different to the usual Game of Thrones style Bretonnian armies. I am playing in a campaign set in Westeros at the moment and we're playing our own house in a time set just after the Blackfyre Rebellions, and so I figured... why not do an army of Kinnemornes? I could paint up miniatures of all the characters and find a role for each of them in the army.

The basic background for the Kinnemornes is that their house is loyal to the Targaeryans and are a major fleet power in Westeros who benefit from being a fairly rich family. During the Blackfyre Rebellions, a branch of the house turned privateers to help the throne, but such an act had to be condemned by the king and so this branch was disowned but allowed to live on the family's lands, albeit as peasants with no access to the families castle or rights. Family on this side of the family tree are identified with the prefix "Barr" before their family name and a red line through their heraldry. Incest is rife between them as they attempt to keep the bloodline "pure". With the exception of the Barr Kinnemornes, the house is generally held in high regards in the Seven Kingdoms.

The family's heraldry is a black shield with a gold chevron divide and 3 ships above, to symbolise a fleet of ships sailing on a sea of gold. The house motto is "Head On!" (although some jokes go around that it is realy "Threat? Opportunity!"). Kinnemornes are typically identified by brown-blonde hair and blue eyes.

An attempt at freehand heraldry
So that's the background out of the way, I will be attempting to fit all the player characters into the army, living and dead. I've been wondering where to fit them all in, I've come up with most of their roles but I'm a little stumped on others. So, without further ado, here is the cast roll:

Tyvian Kinnemorne
Status: Alive
Standing: First born of Lord Kinnemorne, Heir to the House
Description: Tyvian is the first born child of Lord Kinnemorne and heir to the house. In his father's stead he can often be seen treating with potential allies and ensuring the house keeps it's honorable standing in Westeros. Unlike the other characters in the campaign, Tyvian is not played by a single player, but instead acts as a hive mind of all the players.

Bretonnian Army Choice: Tyvian is the perfect candidate for my Bretonnian Lord.

Gwynt Kinnemorne
Status: Alive
Standing: Youngest child of Lord Kinnemorne
Description: Gwynt is the youngest son and last male in line to head the house, a fact that he is very glad about. He is an expert in horse breeding and riding and is often in the stables taking care of them rather than with human company. Gwynt has recently wed as well.

Bretonnian Army Choice: It was decided that Gwynt will be the champion in a regiment of Knights of the Realm.

Meera Kinnemorne
Status: Alive
Standing: Daughter of Lord Kinnemorne
Description: Meera is the tom boyish sister to Tyvian and Gwynt. An expert in archery and throwing daggers, although no-one is really sure where she learned these skills.

Bretonnian Army Choice: Not sure, possibly a Peasant Bowman Champion.

Maarz Barr Kinnemorne
Status: Unknown
Standing: Woodsman and Bandit from the Barr side of the Kinnemorne house
Description: Maarz was reviled largely due to his incestuous birth and his Barr status, he was forced to turn Bandit from necessity and was a habit he found hard to break. He was allowed a chance of redemption after saving the house Septon and travels with Tyvian and Gwynt. He redeemed himself freeing slaves. He was last seen fending off guards in a burning building as it caved in on itself, most presume him dead but this is unconfirmed. He was a decent bowman. Also, we didn't realise his name was "Mars Bar" until 3 years into the campaign.

Bretonnnian Army Choice: Peasant Bowman Champion.

Status: Deceased
Standing: Swordsman dedicated to the Kinnemorne house
Description: Cadfael was one of the most deadly swordsman in all of Westeros, often winning duels without so much as a scratch. He is heralded as a great hero in the house, but the truth is much darker. He was killed by Gwynt after he attacked the party due to blackmail, but not before seriously injuring Maarz, killing Nigel and hurting Ashelon (see below for the latter two).

Bretonnian Army Choice: As a symbol, I decided he should be a Grail Reliquae.

Septon Garrick
Status: Alive, seperated from party
Standing: Septon in service to House Kinnemorne
Description: Septon was sent with the party originally as a Septon to teach the the Kinnemornes in the way of the Seven. He decided to stay in one of the towns along the way to Kings Landing.

Bretonnian Army Choice: Tricky. Either a Damsel (for the wizardry) or, as suggested, Paladin Banner Bearer.

Maester Aidon
Status: Alive, seperated from party
Standing: Maester temporarily in the service to House Kinnemorne
Description: An old Maester temporarily placed in the service of the house. A brilliant man with an eidetic memory.

Bretonnian Army Choice: With his mathematical knowledge, Aidon will be part of a trebuchet team.

Nigel Perseval Characature
Status: Deceased
Standing: Squire
Description: Nigel was created as a move between character to make communication between other characters and was briefly taken over by a player. He was cut in two in Cadfael's final moments.

Bretonnian Army Choice: Nigel is being considered as "scenery filler" for another model.

Status: Unknown
Standing: Hired sword and ship captain
Description: A giant of a man hired by the Kinnemornes for free as they found and returned his family bow. He and Maarz formed a sketchy friendship in which Ashelon knows Maarz is lying 90% of the time, but it was due to Maarz stepping between him and Cadfael that stopped Ashelon from possible death. He has since been clamped in irons and shipped to be a slave.

Bretonnian Army Choice: Possibly a Men-at-Arms Champion.

Ser Greenfield
Status: Alive
Standing: Knight of the Greenfield house, currently working with the Kinnemornes
Description: Ser Greenfield was originally employed by a slaver that worked against the Kinnemornes for yet unknown reasons, but has since switched to working with the Kinnemornes. He is an expert jouster.

Bretonnian Army Choice: Either a Knight of the Realm/Grail Knights Champion or a Bretonnian Lord with the Vow of the Joust.

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