Thursday, 7 February 2013

Triarch Stalker Complete!

Well that's one more towards my 3,000 points goal for my Necrons! I finally got some time to paint the pilot seat and the Heat Ray underneath. Can't wait to test this bad boy out, who shall be the first victim? Bwahahahaha...

My precious...
I decided to paint the Stalker up like a giant version of my Canoptek Spyder. The main body is painted in exactly the same fashion. The pilot was a new challenge, gold isn't my strong point, but a little bit of Golden Griffon dry paint touched it up nicely, especially considering I didn't realise it was a dry paint when I bought it. The Praetorian's face was also painted a non metallic white to give the impression of a death mask (Ulthuan Grey is the best colour for painting white!). I also used a red painting technique I used for this month's painting contest model, which shall be revealed next week. Oh, and of course I added the typical gold on blue iconography that's typical of my Necron dynasty.

Next project... Cato Sicarius...

Resolution Counter:
1890/3000pts of Necrons painted

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