Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The March Write-Off

Hi all, just a quick post that this month has been a complete write off. I spent the beginning of the month planning a project I can't talk about at the moment then spent 2 weeks with a bout of gastroenteritis that left me so weak I couldn't get out of bed or eat, let alone form coherent blog posts. This week I've been planning Easter I won't be updating this blog until after Easter when I will be back with vengeance, scouts honour.

In the meantime...

I'm very proud and honoured to say that I have, whilst posting in the last few months, also been writing for the Design Mechanism's latest release The Book of Quests as a PDF on both their own site and on DriveThru RPG. The hardback copy should be released soon. Exciting stuff that I thought I would all share with you guys.

The book itself is an expansion book of quests for RuneQuest 6, which in itself is a brilliant roleplay game. If you're into table top RPGs it's definitely worth checking out!

Catch you guys on the flipside.


  1. Not HeroQuest 6, Dazz, but RuneQuest 6...


    1. Well that's embarassing. Can I blame this on the fact my head's been spinning for the last couple of days in the final stages of my illness? Wow, I'm really shocked that I got this wrong...

    2. I have changed it in the write up by the way. I'll leave this here as an admission to my mistake.