Thursday, 26 September 2013

And They Shall Know No Fear...

Work has resumed on my Ultramarines following my venture into the realm of the Hobbit. This is the beginnings of Squad VI Octavian, known for their marksman feats. I know that neither of these squads I've done are legal as of yet, I don't particularly care, I'm just enjoying the painting challenge. The Sargent I'm particularly enjoying painting, the plume I've painted white to simulate the white stripe of a veteran and the red I painted in a similar way to the blue except, obviously, substituting for reds. I want to give the squad a marksman/supression feel, hence the heavy bolter dude at the back. I've chosen to go with a melta gun specialist because, of all the special weapons, it felt it needed the most pinpoint accuracy (anyone who has played the Space Marine video game may get what I mean).

Keeping things on a smurfy level, the thing that has really hyped me up for my Ultras more than anything recently is the Horus Heresy book, Know No Fear. I finally got around to reading it (well, I'm most of the way through it) and good lord it is a work of absolute art. If you like Ultramarines, it really is a must read!

Roboute Guilliman owning Word Bearers like a boss!

Now I've read quite a few books in my time, A Song of Ice and Fire being amongst my top reads (hence my Bretonnian project) but this book is absolutely fantastic. The pacing is superb, it details a lot about, not just Ultramarines but Space Marines in general without going off topic and it's had quite a few moments that made me sad, laugh and even giving a mini fist pump in triumph when the XIII legion kick some major booty! I don't want to ruin anything, but let's just say it explains why Ultra Sargents have red helmets and also gives great insight into Roboute Guilliman himself, who I previously thought was a pretty boring Primarch beforehand. Now I think he's amazing.

So yeah, short review, the book is amazing, the cover art is my favourite of any Horus Heresy books, Dan Abnett is a fantastic writer and the story is an absolute roller coaster that, if you're new to the Horus Heresy, will really make you realise why the series and history is just superb. Very impressed. It upgraded the Ultramarines from a Chapter I love to my favourite Chapter of all time!

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