Sunday, 15 September 2013

First Combat Squad V Vandar Completed

"Veteran Sergeant Vandar is the youngest ever recipient of the Iron Halo, awarded for tactical brilliance during the Tamari rebellions of 929.M41"

I decided to restart my Ultramarines with a different squad to my previous restart project. I managed to dig up the old Command Squad Sergeant from my pile of unused bits and figured he was perfect to represent Vandar - an auspex in hand, pointing and yelling commands to his unit with a bolter slung over his shoulder really screamed "tactical" to me. I also took a antenna from the vehicle upgrade sprue and attached it to his backpack to represent a teleport homer, giving my Terminators something to latch on to when deep striking. I also positioned his fellow brother-marines in various stances to reflect the squad's flexibility and ability to adapt.

In order to show the Roman theme I have planned for my army, I attached a crest to the marine second from the left and leather straps to the special weapons marine, both of which were obtained from Anvil Industry. The aim was to make the theme obvious but not overpowering, hence the rest of the marines do not have them. Gold was also used wherever I felt it worked to also demonstrate the Roman theme of the army.

Finally, I decided to make the bases more decorative this time around, mostly achieved by gluing bits of slate to the bases and painting them up accordingly. This was simple and quick to do but really gives the squad depth. I also used a pile of skulls from the GW basing kit for my heavy weapons marine and used texture paint to fill in any gaps that were showing. The skulls were easily painted, I just gave them a base coat of Ceramite White followed by a thick wash of Agrax Earthshade to get the effect I wanted.

I'm very pleased with how these guys came out. Next unit shall be another combat squad belonging to a different sergeant. I know this squad isn't legal at the moment (need 10 marines to field a heavy and special weapon) but I want to try my hands at a different type of look for now...


  1. Love the blue on these guys. I tend to find most Ultramarine armies tend to have quite a flat blue, but this has a real richness to it. Looking forward to more.

  2. Nice work. That old squad sergeant is a old is definitely a great miniature.