Sunday, 22 September 2013

Outside Interference and Goblin Royalty

Behind the scenes
Sorry, more silence lately. Been out and about, feeding my social life but I've never let my hobby out of mind, no sir. Lately however I've had more people literally looking over my shoulder as I work, namely a very close friend of mine and her son, neither of which have really spotted me mid-hobby before now. I was even caught by an iPhone whilst I was painting purity seals on my last batch of Ultramarines. Look at that stern concentration and dedication!

So it's rather unsurprising that they would get a bit more involved in the hobby themselves, particularly the son, whom I took for his first ever trip to Games Workshop and his first intro game in which his Chaos Space Marines floored my Dark Angels. Ah well, he had fun and I cried a bit. But I've spent a few hours teaching him the hobby and particular techniques I use myself. Hence the short silence. I haven't gone anywhere, promise.

However, this did lead to an absolutely unforeseen, random painting project that I started at 12pm and finished by 9pm - the Hobbit Goblin King from the box set I bought back in late 2012. When my friend's son found out I had it on our trip to Oxford Street, he promised he would get me to open the box for the first time. I'm kinda glad, he really motivated me to do something with the Hobbit. Here are the results:

Goblin King Finished
Obviously the picture's not great. I hope to get a better picture tomorrow and to go through the process of painting it as well. I'm very pleased with the boils that I painted, I honestly umm'd and ahh'd as to whether I should do them but I'm glad I did. It was a simple process of blotting some red wash and some yellow glaze over each bump to get the effect and it looks awesome in my honest opinion.

So where to from here? Well my hobby group has recently voted on a Group Chapter in which we will all contribute which sounds fun (and I can have an ally for my Ultramarines!), I'm currently working on my next Ultramarine combat squad and I have a hankering to paint some Legion of the Damned. So there's all that to look forward to. Maybe even some more behind the scenes pictures!

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