Saturday, 7 September 2013

The boys are back in town!

So, how about that new Space Marine codex, huh?...

Yeah, I'm back, it's been too long and you all deserve an explanation. The last few months has been very tough for me financially, I've moved home, gained a job, lost the job then gained another job and lots of other personal problems that have been far more important to concentrate on than hobby stuff. But in the last week I've donned the paint brush once more and started once again.

Well since the Space Marine codex came out today (still awaiting the arrival of my prestigious limited edtion Ultramarine book though), I decided to give constantly painting silver a break and focus on my boys in blue. You've already seen my Cato Sicarius, so here's a sneak peek at my next addition...

Tactical Squad Vandar
I've had a lot of fun painting the boys in blue so far. I love my Necrons, make no mistake, but they do become so boring to paint after a while. These guys have been painted very differently from the last batch of Ultramarines I painted and, honestly, I prefer these guys, I think I've really nailed the Ultramarine look I wanted.

I will post how I did the blues soon as I've had many, many people ask me about it, but if you want to know how the golds were done, you need only to check out the tutorial I posted back in February.

So until next time, hello hobby, I missed you!

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