Monday, 16 September 2013

Ultramarines Chaplain Kitbash

Rain. The arch nemesis of any hobbyist. My second batch of Ultramarines have been waiting patiently for their undercoat but the rain has only let up today so I quickly dashed outside and sprayed up my next combat squad, ready for their next coat of paint. Last night, however, I had no chance.

So I decided to do some modelling. Once I was done with the finishing touches to my next tactical squad I got bored, so I dug up my neglected bits box (or bits drawer as it should be called) and decided to work on a Chaplain conversion, and this is the results.

I ordered the body off of Ebay a while back as I saw it from Sevrin Loth's Honour Guard set on Forgeworld and knew I would some day want it for a Chaplain conversion for my Ultramarines army. The leather straps really embody the roman theme I'm going for, plus the skulls in the gothic windows on the chest just screamed "Chaplain" to me. The rest was scavenged from various bits and bobs I had, mostly from the Command Squad box set - the crozius arcanum and arm was made using a mixture of the power sword arm from the plastic captain set, a banner pole from an old Space Wolves sprue and the banner top from the Command Squad set. The legs and jump pack were taken from some Assault Squad bits I had, the plasma pistol from the plastic captain box and the head is a Tactical Squad sergeant's head from the last box set. I then adorned the miniature with purity seals, chapter iconography and scriptures to make him look more like an independent character. I also added a metal Ultramarine shoulder pad on the other side as the smaller rims should theoretically look fine once I find a suitable right should pad.

It's not quite finished. Need to pin the base, add some more decorations, find a second shoulder pad, fancy up the crozius and green stuff the gaps, but I feel it's a good start. Thoughts are welcome!

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