Sunday, 20 October 2013

I'll Be Damned!

It's been a little quiet on here for the last week or so. Sorry about that. The primary reason is because I have to earn a living and have been long, loooong shifts at my real life workplace this week and have had no time to paint or update. I have been hobbying however, these are the latest things I've worked on.

Now I've kept a little hush hush on these because I was planning on entering these into my group's latest painting contest entitled "The best of the best" in which we had to plaint an elite choice or equivalent for Warhammer/Hobbit. I've had a hankering to paint these guys up for a while now, Force Organisation Chart be, pardoned the pun, damned. I really wanted to do a painting project I was going to enjoy, I can continue with my Tactical Squads later on, it's really not a problem.

So far I have done the armour, the flames and the basecoat of the skeletons. Maybe I will finish these guys within the deadline, but with only 2 hours to do anything after work, many things to sort out on the weekend and some geniuses that lent me Breaking Bad and released Pokemon during the same time (yeah, I know, I'm sad, what can I say? I like collecting things!), I really don't hold out much hope.

So as a bit of a visual treat, I decided to post up some old Legion of the Damned models that my own father painted. To give you all a little history, my dad painted miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons games, even having some of his models displayed in store. I painted my own models, but my dad fell in love with the Legionnaires (as did I, admittedly). Back in second edition, Games Workshop released a White Dwarf to field an army of them, and he loved painting them. Here was the result and the miniatures that inspired me to be the best painter I could be:

LotD army in all it's glory
Techmarine and Rhino
LotD Marines
More LotD Marine
Landspeeder Tornado

Maybe these guys will see a battle in the future? Come on Games Workshop, you know you want to do a Legion of the Damned supplement!

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