Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The trouble with flyers...

An interesting question was posed by my hobby group the other day as part of an initiative to get everyone in the group to get more involved with the hobby, and that question was "if you could change any rule about your chosen system, would you and what would it be?"

Well yes actually. Don't misunderstand me, I love sixth edition Warhammer 40k and it stands tall as my absolute favourite edition to my favourite hobby. Having said that, nothing's perfect and I feel there are a couple of little tweaks that can be made that would make sixth edition, for all intents and purposes a perfect ruleset. These are very small niggles but I found my main problem with the system concerns flyers.

Now don't get me wrong, I love flyers and I am giddy with anticipation to one day field a Storm Talon in my Ultramarines army (I've thought of some very useful tactics indeed regarding them). It isn't the existence of flyers that nag at me, nor the absolute frustration in trying to hit them, but rather a couple of illogical rules.

Firstly, regarding flyer transports and the impact they have when wrecked/exploded. I do not get Games Workshop's logic in this, regardless of which result happens the transported always take more damage than any ground troops that are caught in the way. This makes perfect sense if an explodes! result is rolled, it's a bit hard to justify not taking a huge hit when you're stuck inside what essentially is a bomb at this point. However, I do not agree with the same logic on a wrecked result.

Consider this. These advanced flying machines 38,000 years into our future have hi-tech weaponry, super efficient engines and top of the line armour... but no emergency crash landing procedures. You couple this with the fact that being hit full on by a fully intact aircraft on the ground is apparently less likely to kill you than essentially wearing a space seat belt. Hmmmm...

Secondly, regarding not being able to shoot blast template weapons at flyers. Why not?? Are Games Workshop telling us Plasma Cannons are one of the most destructive pieces of artillery known to mankind but they can't look up? I get Games Workshop have done this to streamline the rules and simplify them but it makes little sense.

Snap Shots as a whole I get and love the idea. You don't want to Snap Shot blast weapons incase you blow something you didn't mean to blow up, yeah I get that. But these are aerial based vehicles, not something that will easily back fire on you back on ground level. Flamers I get, they have limited range, but it would be nice to shoot plasma into the skies!

With these in mind, I have a couple of house rules I may suggest in future games. Feel free to incorporate these into your games if you like the sound of them:

When a flyer transport vehicle is wrecked - As per rulebook, but when the vehicle suffers a wrecked result rather than an explodes! result, reverse the strength of the hit for both ground troops and passangers.

Firing blast weapons at flyers - In these cases, the weapon may snap shot, disregard the "blast" rule for this weapon when firing at flyers. If a heavy weapon would snap shot at a normal target e.g. a devastator without relentless has moved then they may not fire at flyers at all for that turn. If testing to see if a flying monstrous creature is grounded by such a shot, their roll is 1 step more difficult as the explosion makes it harder to stay airborne.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.

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  1. I think we have enuff rules. do not worry. GW will add more flyer rules next ED.