Sunday, 22 December 2013

'Twas the Sunday before Christmas...

So I have been pretty slow hobbywise lately, what with Christmas and work and stress and being tired. Oh and being ill on a nearly constant basis. I was pretty shocked to see myself think of an army list last week. I have managed to to do a few bits and pieces though, namely finished painting the main bodies of my damned legionnaires:

A glorious visage of death
Very happy with the results so far, but taking too long to be perfectly honest, mostly due to me hating to clean up metal miniatures. It's not my most favourite of past times it has to be said.

So how are my Ultramarines coming on so far? Well I took a few pictures of my entire work on them this year (not very good progress) including some models I've been working on that I haven't yet posted about, see if you can spot them.

You may have spotted a couple of miniatures using the new Tactical Squad bits. I must say I love the new kit, easily better than the retired old kits that have been around since the dawn of time. I'm using the bits to add to my existing combat squads and I must say I'm very happy with the 6th Marine of my Octavian Tactical Squad:

So, what now? Well I'm going to work for two more days, then I'm off to spend the yule time period with my family elsewhere in the UK, so no more hobbying until possibly the New Year. I will at least post around New Years Eve for the results of my New Years Resolution from the start of 2013 (not well...). Bet you all forgot about that! Also, my sister has told me I have a surprise Space Marine miniature set for Christmas, and the promise is that it will be the first (new) project of 2014, so my hobbying for now lies in the hands of my sibling.

So from myself until my next post...

Merry Christmas!

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