Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ultramarines: A Revised Army List

An interesting question was posed in the comments section of my last 1,500 point Ultramarines list, basically asking what I would chop and change now the fifth edition codex has arrived and how would I use the changes to my advantage.

It was one of the few questions posed to me hobbywise that really made me think. Although not much has really changed in the book since 5th edition, the changes that have been made have quite a significant impact on my old list and may even leave me with a little bit of wiggle room to either try or add new things. There is stuff in the new edition codex that I really want to sink my teeth in, new tactics to be explored and chapter tactics to take advantage of, not to mention a few new units (notably flyers, anti-air tanks and Centurions) and some point jiggery pokery going on - Cato Sicarius is notably cheaper for example.

So in this post I will attempt to revise my old army list and give concise reasons to my choices. I doubt much has changed since this and my last list, an emphasis on tank superiority and divide/conquer tactics are still the lynchpin of Space Marine armies (whether people see this or not).


Captain Cato Sicarius (185pts)
  • Sicarius is still a top choice for tactics, allowing me to grant special rules to a single Tactical Squad per game and he is harder than your average captain at a 15 point reduction - that's another full Space Marine I can take!
Techmarine with Power Axe (65pts)
  • When am I ever going to say no to a +1 cover save bonus and the chance to repair my many vehicles? 65 points and doesn't take up a FOC slot? I'm in.



Tactical Squad - 10 man squad/Lascannon/Plasma Gun/Teleport Homer/Rhino (220pts)
  • No Veteran Sergeant as unit will be a fire/tactical support unit. Lascannon/Plasma Gun can be used as a fast striking anti-armour combo that, when combined with the teleport homer can allow the unit to clear space and leave room for terminator drops. A Rhino is dedicated transport as mobile cover and to quickly move the unit to maximise their efficiency. A full 20 points reduction from last edition.
Tactical Squad - 10 man squad/Heavy Bolter/Melta Gun/Rhino (195pts)
  • The "swiss army knife" tactical squad. At full power they have a heavy bolter and melta gun to be able to snipe any foe, be they numerous or heavily armoured, or combat squad into two different units with particular roles. A Rhino is added mostly as mobile cover (covering objectives and the like). A full 20 points cheaper than my last equivalent squad with a flamer!
Tactical Squad - 10 man squad/Missile Launcher with Flakk/Grav Gun/Drop Pod with Locator Beacon/Veteran Sergeant with Plasma Pistol and Chainsword (220pts)
  • The obliterator choice of troops - the first assault unit that are expensive but not as expensive as the first Tactical Squad would've been in 5th edition. This squad is the initial blow things to pieces unit with a veteran sergeant making full use of an extra attack and plasma pistol. The missile launcher can deal with anti-armour, numbers and flyers, whilst the grav gun can fire a healthy amount of shots and take care of pesky high armour saves. The locator beacon on the drop pod will cause a problem for the opponent, do they take out the teleport homer coming at them or the locator beacon behind their lines?



Terminator Squad - 5 man squad/Assault Cannon/2 Chainfists (230pts)
  • Terminators are a far more safe bet to begin with than Terminator Assault Squads. They can make better use of teleport homers/locator beacons, still being able to fire off that vital assault cannon, whereas Terminator Assault Squads are better off in a Land Raider or Storm Raven. Amazingly this squad is exactly the same points as before.



Landspeeder Squadron - 2 Landspeeders with Heavy Bolters/Multi-Meltas (140pts)
  • For fast hitting, fast acting support against both troops and armour. These guys can act according to how the battle unfolds.
Assault Squad - 5 man squad/Flamer/Melta Bombs/Veteran Sergeant (105pts)
  • A small, cheap assault squad with a flamer for when I need hand-to-hand combat. The flamer acts as a numbers killer and a mobile flame weapon wherever needed.



Whirlwind (65pts)
  • Reliable ordnance support and cheap too.
Stalker (75pts)
  • For those pesky flyers invading my airspace as they always do. Stick them in reserve to surprise your opponent! 

Total: 1,500 points


  1. The servo arm on the techmarine changed, it now just counts as a power fist, making the axe pretty redundant now. On the other hand, a Lightning Claw, since it has the Specialist Weapon rule, would give your PFor LC +1 attack, for the same points, plus gives you the option to do AP3 at initiative with shred.

    I'd also likely take 2 flamers on the assault squad, and maybe even put them in the free Drop Pod, as it is quite a decent swap @ 5 man, giving you a 35 point vehicle that can give you a turn 1 drop and flame

    1. Fair points, I was seeing the power axe as a chance t sacrifice 2 strength but gain +1 attack (with bolt pistol) - plus I have a model for it. A Lightning Claw would give a nice option but probably not worth the points considering it's just there to boost my cover saves.

      The Drop Pod on the Assault Squad is a nice idea, my only personal problem with it is the fact you can't charge out of a drop pod - seems relatively redundant as well as jump pack troops can deep strike anyways (unless you're looking at giving the pod a death wind launcher then fair point).

      There are a few little tactics I want to expand into after this list, mainly to test them out though so I'll keep all this in mind. I really want to try out Scout Bikers and the possibility of booby trapping terrain to enforce the whole surprise attack thing.