Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Stern Lesson

I spent the better part of last night assembling my Sternguard last night, as you can see in the picture to the left. I love the kit very, very much, there's just so many bits left over that I'm already planning to use in other projects, oh the bits I can use. I have combi-weapons I can give to other models, I'm thinking of giving some of my tactical squads bolters with straps on them (the guns seem compatible), there's a hand I think would look perfect on a Librarian, there's a shoulder pad and sheathed sword that can give a future Space Marine a certain captain-y look about him... seriously the possibilities are absolutely endless and I'm sure I will be happily buying more of these box sets just for bits to spice up my Ultramarines force, not to mention the models are absolutely gorgeous!

There are a few things I will warn you all about the kit if you haven't already used it though. Unlike the Tactical Squad kit which is a dream to work with, the Sternguard can be much more fiddly and time consuming. Here are my top nuisances to bear in mind if you want this kit:

  • The Heavy Flamer: As a general rule, any gun that has a wire attached to the backpack is a massive pain in the backside, and the heavy flamer is no exception. To get the thing to align properly you need to put the backpack and both arms at precisely the right angle, and yes the loin cloth does get in the way. I spent quite a lot of time stifling screams of utter annoyance. Blu-tac is the way forward with this I feel but be careful not to jar your carefully positioned limbs.
  • Mould Lines: I found with the Tactical Squad set, mould lines were pretty unnoticeable and very easy to remove. Make no mistake, the Sternguard do not follow in the same footsteps. They have annoying mould lines that stick out like a sore thumb and are lodged in the most annoying places you can think of.
  • Big Rimmed Shoulder Pads: I love these shoulder pads, but unfortunately you will need to be tactical in how you position them. If your arms are at just the wrong angle they will collide with backpacks and faces. Dry fit them first before you commit.

That's  all from me for now. Til next time fans!


  1. Drill out your gun barrels m8!

    1. Haha, you know what, I was too lazy to do them whilst assembling them, decided to leave them until the end. they're now drilled and the first phase of priming is underway :P