Monday, 20 January 2014

Kill Team - Layout and Chapters decided

So after a lot of thought, I have finally decided on my 200 point Kill Team and which chapters I want to use. It's been a fun challenge, finding different chapters that would have not only good individual backgrounds but chapters that worked with a great dynamic storyline. To be honest there were certain chapters I loved that were definitely going in there along with chapters I thought would work well together. Anyways, here's my decided squad for Kill Team.

7-Man Sternguard Squad (may change to being Tyrannic War Veterans if they're suitable enough):

  • Crimson Fist (Veteran Sergeant w/Melta Bombs) - I figured it'd be interesting to have one of the quieter chapters represent the veteran sergeant, plus giving anyone of Rogal Dorn's line melta bombs is just fitting. I specifically chose Crimson Fists from the Imperial Fists line for a few reasons, one I find them more interesting than Imperial Fists and Black Templars, two they have a history with Orks and three, I have such a cool painting idea to represent the "crimson fist" look without deviating from the Deathwatch colour scheme.
  • Ultramarine (Normal Set Up) - It had to be done. This one will be a grizzled Tyrannic War Veteran, the background is perfect for Deathwatch and I love Ultramarines. I decided not to have him as a veteran sergeant because it's too obvious and boring.
  • Space Wolf (Normal Set Up) - I decided on having a Space Wolf purely because, although I don't think I could ever collect the Wolves (I don't hate them, I love them in fact, just not my cup of tea) I think that having the one in a Deathwatch squad will look amazing. It's all about looks, I know I'm shallow. But it works out well...
  • Dark Angel (Combi-Plasma) - Dark Angels would also look cool as Deathwatch and they're famed for plasma weapons, so this was a no brainer decision. Plus with a Space Wolf in the mix, it'd give me some interesting avenues backgroundwise to explore.
  • Exorcist (Heavy Flamer) - Since reading the novel "Fulgrim" I've actually been fascinated with the idea of Xenos Heretics, and the Exorcist chapter would give an extra specialist in the squad who could advise on how to deal with daemons as well as xenos. Of course the heavy flamer is just tied in with the typical religious "burn the heretic!" and I do so love heavy flamers.
  • Lamenter (Combi-Grav) - This choice actually comes courtesy of JDC in the comments section of my last Kill Team related post. To be honest there were two ideas I loved from this comment, the first was using the Aurora Chapter which I was tempted by, but decided I didn't want an Ultramarine successor with an Ultramarine already in the squad. The second was the idea of an isolated marine cut off from their chapter that found a life with the Deathwatch. Loved the idea so much and I figured, there are no Blood Angel successors and Lamenters have a perfect background to fit random pockets of isolated troopers. I did toy with the idea of giving him the combi-plasma just because it'd actually be ironic if he killed himself, but decided the Dark Angel deserved it more. Our Lamenter can carry a combi-grav.
  • Pit Viper (Normal Set Up) - My custom chapter choice. Honestly picked this one because I wanted a single custom chapter to make people go "what's that??" but also I've helped write some of the background for the chapter, so it'll be interesting to write them in a mixed chapter set up.

Total Points: 199

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