Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Resolutions: 2014 Aims!

Happy New Year all! It's that time of the year again (the 1st January to be precise) where I start listing off all the objectives I wish to aim for in the new year, a whole 12 months in which to complete them, oh boy. Still I suppose I can't do much worse than 2013. So here are my new 8 goals to complete hobbywise.

1. Fully paint my Ultramarines Army List

Yep, you remember this list I put up recently right? Well instead of saying "I want blah amount of points painted", I decided to stick to my chosen list and try not to let my mind wander. That's right, I have to have all the stated units in the army list painted. If I have 1,500 points of Ultramarines painted and yet that all important Techmarine isn't amongst the hordes I have acquired, instant failure. I'm aware that I messed this up last year with just the point value targets, but this is a brand new year and hopefully my life won't keep crumbling around my ears.

Of course this is not to say I can't dabble, I already have deviated by doing some Legion of the Damned and promising to make my next project whatever my sister got me for Christmas (Sternguard, by the way). But this army list needs to be completed by 31st December 2014. I already have 2 combat squads and Sicarius done so it's a start.

2. Enter 6 of my hobby group's painting contests

So entering every single painting contest was a bit ambitious last year. How annoying that I couldn't do some because of other commitments or because I couldn't get the relevant models. This year I have decided to grant myself a little bit of breathing space and allow myself to pick and choose which contest entries I can feasibly do, and in a time that suits me better.

Now you all might think I'm just trying to put in an easy target so I get more successes and to that I say, why not? Banks and schools do it all the time! But more seriously it is still more than I entered in 2013 and it shouldn't impact my other goals as harshly. All I need is some convenient painting contest subjects and I should be set. My tactic will be to try and paint miniatures that helps push my first objective as well.

3. Put together a Kill Team and play a game of it

It seems I just can't look at any hobby blog nowadays without everyone raving about Kill Team. I've always heard the phrase when referring to the Deathwatch (see left) but I have to confess, I have never played the 40k setting, but I have been massively intrigued for a long ol' time. So my third objective will be to write, create and play a squad specifically designed for Kill Team.

For this to work to my advantage, my tactic will be to create a squad that I can use for normal games of 40k but look individual enough for me to use happily in Kill Team as well. Note that I have also said "write" and part of my goal will be to actually write the backgrounds for every single member of my Kill Team. I plan on getting the digital download for the rules but if anyone can drop me a comment or message saying what units I can use and how many points I'm limited to, please do so I can at least get started.

4. Write at least 4 short stories in the Warhammer universe

As some of you may remember I was published in a roleplay book back in March and have since written a few short stories for my hobby group and for my own fluff, including my Necron Dynasty (see related articles to the right). Becoming a writer is a dream of mine, and to make it more of a reality I will start writing some short stories based around my own projects, ideas and armies. I always find my hobby feels more alive when my armies, characters and home brew ideas are fleshed out in full.

Now I am well aware that in my last objective I said I plan to write out every member of my Kill Team, and I have catered for this loophole accordingly. I was going to put "3 short stories" but have increased the number by one and I am saying now for you all to witness, the whole Kill Team background will count as a single story together, not individually. This still gives me some room to not complete objective 3 and still complete this objective, but it benefits me to do so.

5. Play against every 40k army

A slight twist on my "play two games every month against different armies", now I want to take them all on! To be truthful I have never played against Grey Knights (see left) or Tau so to try my hand against them would be amazing. There's a lot of xenos scum to fight out there and they all need to feel the force of the Imperium/Necron Dynasty. To be precise, between now and 2015 I have to go up against: Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks, Tau, Imperial Guard and Adeptus Sororitus. I won't be including Inquisition in this list as they are technically a mini-dex. Also if I've missed any, do let me know.

6. Feature "Another Army" at least every other month

By every other month, I do infact mean I have a 2 month gap to do an Another Army article, so Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr etc. I have to do a piece on someone else's army. I have a few people who have said they'd be happy for me to do this and I intend to take them up on the offer, besides it's always nice to see what ideas other people have for their forces. Surely my ideas are starting to get a little grating and stale? (This is the part where you say "no, of course not!").

This will probably take the most amount of effort on my behalf because I will likely have to journey out to take photos within the allotted time limit. 2 months sounds like a lot, but when you have work and other projects to get on with, it can be difficult. Wish me luck with this one.

7. Write at least 6 battle reports!

I've received much praise for my battle reports, apparently people like reading them, who knew? Well it's about time I got on and wrote some more! I will endeavour to actually keep up with writing my battle reports and I hope to have at least 6 written before 2014 ends.

Originally I was going to say "battle report every other month", but then that would massively conflict with objective 6, so I'm thinking tactically with my resolutions this year, more so than last. Chances are I will go get pictures for my Another Army pieces, then play against the army and do a battle report in any case so hopefully, not too difficult a target as long as I remember my camera this time!

8. Play a game with my Ultramarines

I'm psyched about playing a game with my Ultramarines, I seriously cannot wait. It has been so long since I've played with Space Marines and my tactics are sharper than they were back then. Moreover, the new Space Marine codex is such a beautifully written codex, it'd be a crime against Games Workshop not to use it at least once. The beauty with this objective is that I can do it alongside objective 1, I don't need to play a game with a whole army of fully painted models (though it does look nicer to be completely honest). Here's to hopefully several games of hunting down xenos and heretical scum with the might of the Emperor behind me!

Emperor Protects.

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