Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Month at a glance

Hi all, I thought I would start updating each and every month with what I've been up to and what I'm looking forward to doing in the world of hobby. I know we have another 3 days of January left, but between work and other stuff, this will probably be my last update this month.

Ah, Rhino Chassis
Well first of all the resolution monitor still looks a sickly shade of red, with only one objective being hit. I'm not scared though, January is to me the preparation month where I gather my resources to prepare for more objectives to be hit. For example, this month I have often been found at my friend's house on hobby days out. Whilst I object to carrying all my paints, brushes and models out to work on at his house, I've found that putting stuff together more my niche, so I have a Rhino and Whirlwind ready for spraying as part of my army list objective. You may find because of this that I will be alternating painting/modelling posts from now on.

Not just that but I have 2 more armies willing to undergo the "Another Army" treatment ready for my March/April and May/June editions, but more on those as the time comes. Yeah I missed a painting contest already, but there will be more.

Of course there are other objectives I have not forgotten about. I've already determined my Deathwatch Chapters as well as thought out the basic outlining story that binds them all together, but I hear there may well be Deathwatch rules on the way early next month so I might do well to hold off for the moment. I also have another writing project that I will hopefully be allowed to unveil at the end of February. Exciting times.

So where am I going from here? Well currently I have some basecoated Sternguard on my painting table, so they're in the works. I'm also trekking to the bright and cheerful land of Cambridge on Saturday, back to Table Top Nation where I will even be able to tick Space Marines, Tyranids, maybe Imperial Guard at least off my list of armies to play against. I may even splash out on some more plastic men.

It's all very exciting, I hope you'll all stay tuned!

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