Friday, 3 January 2014

The Resolution Completion Monitor

To help myself and others keep track of my 2014 objectives, I have decided to dedicate this post as a monitor and update on my progress. Throughout the year I plan to update this post and refer back to it, partially to remind myself I need to be doing stuff and partially to let you all mock me when I fail miserably. I hope that last part was a joke.

The stats so far...

1. Fully paint my Ultramarine Army List

(Find the complete army list here)

Points painted so far: 390
Points still need painting: 1,110

2. Enter 6 of my hobby group's painting contests

Jan: Know thy Enemy/Snakes in the Grass (Not Entered)
Feb: Lords of War (Entered - Chief Librarian Tigurius)
Mar: DUEL! (Not Entered)
Apr: Not announced
May: Not announced
Jun: Not announced
Jul: Not announced
Aug: Not announced
Sep: Not announced
Oct: Not announced
Nov: Not announced
Dec: Not announced

3. Put together a Kill Team and play a game of it

Storylines: Yes
Miniatures: No
Game: No

4. Write at least 4 short stories in the Warhammer Universe

Story 1: The Sabik Skirmish: Prologue
Story 2: Flesh & Steel: Prologue
Story 3: Kill Team - The Backgrounds
Story 4: No

5. Play against every 40k army

Adeptus Sororitas: No
Blood Angels: Yes
Chaos Daemons: Yes
Chaos Space Marines: Yes
Dark Angels: Yes
Dark Eldar: No
Eldar: Yes
Grey Knights: No
Imperial Guard: Yes
Necrons: Yes
Orks: No
Space Marines: Yes
Space Wolves: No
Tau Empire: No
Tyranids: Yes

6. Feature "another army" at least every other month

Jan/Feb: James's Tyranids
Mar/Apr: Dave's Blood Angels
May/Jun: Will's Imperial Fists
Jul/Aug: No
Sep/Oct: No
Nov/Dec: No

7. Write at least 6 battle reports!

Report 1: The Sabik Skirmish
Report 2: Flesh & Steel
Report 3: No
Report 4: No
Report 5: No
Report 6: No

8. Play a game with my Ultramarines

Games Played:


  1. "Adeptus Sororitas"? Die, heretic!

    1. You dare call me a heretic Nick?? The Inquisition will hear of this!

  2. Lol this sounds so grim and negative with all the red NOs on it - good luck

    1. LOL, yeah, to be honest it's not done much for my confidence in the matter! Thanks for the comment though :)

  3. Sure the red will soon turn to green. Seems a really good idea this, shall follow it with interest!