Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Trip Down Enfield Lane

Hi all. So today I ventured to Enfield for a game I promised a friend of mine whom I've never played against before. I've not properly played against Blood Angels before (the closest I got was a Death Company that was more of a silly game than a proper, tactical one) so I relished the chance to take out the swine... I mean test my skills. I don't hate Blood Angels at all...

Anyways, this isn't an official Battle Report write up so I will just plonk the pictures here with a brief outline as to what happened. I can tell you the results were Blood Angels 7, Necrons 3. I lost but I was on top for most of the game.

Also thank you to my friend Luke who took some pictures of the battle on his substantially better camera.

An overview of the battle (Turn 2)
Necron Warriors with Lord flee, but reform after some Reanimation Protocol checks
Wraiths attack an Assault Squad
Blood Angels advance
Immortals and Death Company battle
The Overlord is swarmed
A Death Company Marine is so lonely...


Had a lot of fun with this game, another close one. If I had one more turn I could've turned the tides relatively easily, but alas it was not to be. My opponent drew first blood by killing my Wraiths with the combined effort of 2 Assault Squads, plus held 2 objectives - one was ripped from a warrior unit and taken by 2 Assault Marines and one occupied by a Devastator Squad (we played Big Guns Never Tire). I had 1 objective held by my Annihilation Barge. So to sum up:

  • My Overlord did what he did best. Troll. He kept reanimating and annoyed my opponent relentlessly. I also took a Tachyon Arrow and Tesseract Labyrinth for a change and, combined with Mindshackle Scarabs he managed to instant kill a Sanguinary Priest, made a Veteran Sargent with Power Fist kill himself and shot another Marine dead. Very useful.
  • My Harbinger of Destruction was useless, missing all 4 turns with his Eldritch Lance. And the model broke. Not impressed.
  • Although my opponent said he took the wrong list against me, my typical strategy of Warrior spamming does not hold well against Devastator Squads made up of 4 Heavy Bolters. They chewed through my squads like wet tissue, it was insane.
  • The Annihilation Barge, once again did me proud, killing 4 Death Company Marines in the first turn alone and taking an objective. I love this thing.
  • Immortals work well in 5 man squads. My opponent had to prioritise which unit he charged. I was very lucky, constantly reanimating all but 1 Immortal, beating his sweeping advance, regrouping and then using the Monolith to put them back on the front lines.
  • Speaking of my Pyramid of Doom, the Particle Whip is so, so useful against Marines. It killed an insane amount of Death Company and the squad couldn't touch it.

All in all, brilliant game, thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus I get to tick off another army I've played against this year, huzzah!

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