Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Invasion of Sabik: Return to Table Top Nation

So some of you may remember that last year I went to a magical place called Table Top Nation, in fact exactly one year and two days ago to be precise. Well my hobby group decided to make another outing today to play yet another game of Apocalypse.

Now, this is usually where I do a sketchy battle report detailing what happened in said Apocalypse battle, however truth be told I wasn't going to join in this particular game. It wasn't that I was trying to be anti-social or anything, but when you have barely 2,000 points of Necrons and not even a legally working Ultramarine army, the prospect of having my entire force wiped out by a single Baneblade shot would have just totally ruined my my day if I'm perfectly honest with you all. I actually went down to have a game against a friend of mine on a well kitted out table (I will write a battle report on this soon) as well as to take advantage of discounted miniatures there. I ended up splashing out on 2 Drop Pods, a Tactical Squad, a Detail Brush (because mine is knackered), Macragge Blue spray, 2 technical paints (Blood for the Blood God and Typhus Corrosion) and a pot of Fenrisian Grey.

New toys!

That's not to say that I was totally anti-social, I did nip over from my game from time to time to take some snaps of the Apocalypse game.

Without a doubt the centerpiece of the entire Apocalypse game was this beautifully painting Titan - and the Reaver Titan isn't bad either. I kid of course, I mean the Reaver Titan. It is absolutely stunning to behold in person with lots of little characteristic insignias painted on. The model really had a presence on the board.

However what you see isn't just what you get for the Reaver Titan had a party trick. Built inside the body was a music player that, for the most part randomly played machine whining noises, but as a laugh various other music blared out from time to time. The Titan even played the Imperial March at one point on request as it strolled forward. Unfortinately they out right refused to play my suggestion of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Shame.

I also got a picture with the Titan and the Raptor's Thunderhawk Gunship that made an appearance last year. The person who brought the Thunderhawk told me that this particular model was made from kitbashing, something I didn't notice until I was told today. I believe a Rhino and a Storm Raven contributed to the bits. I decided I may well steal the idea and make my own Thunderhawk eventually instead of shelling out £400 for a Forge World version.

But it wasn't all about big machines of death as James from my last Another Army article also brought his amazing Tyranids, travelling to an exotic jungle for a one off photo shoot, the posers.

Tyrannic Invasion!

Whilst I'm posting pictures, here is some eye candy pictures of some of the nice wargaming tables you can play on at Table Top Nation, including some tables that look like they were inspired by Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag...

Dropzone Commander Board
Snow Board
Infinity Board
I remember this in Black Flag...
...Yes I definitely remember this too

The second battle board down in the above pictures is actually the battle board I played my one of one game on today. I would tell you how it went but I'm saving the details for my battle report, and I will be writing a lead up story before then so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here's a taster picture from the battle.

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