Sunday, 9 March 2014

More Enfield Antics

Sorry for the week long silence, I've been very busy with work (lots of overtime) and putting together Tactical Squads for my planned 3 man game in a few months. Still I found time for another battle yesterday over at Games Workshop Enfield, this time against some Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemon allies.

Like my last Enfield battle post, this isn't  a battle report, but a quick summary of what I've learned, how I did and proof that I can tick off another 2 armies for my goal this year.

The game set up was Big Guns Never Tire with 5 objectives, I set up and went second. My opponent took some Seekers of Slaanesh, Daemonettes, 2 squads of Noise Marines, a Keeper of Secrets, a Chosen Squad with a Rhino and Lucius the Eternal. I took my typical Overlord, 2 squads of Warriors, 2 small squads of Immortals, a small squad of Deathmarks, 3 Wraiths, a Triarch Stalker, an Annihilation Barge and a Harbinger of the Storms.

The result is that I won 4 Victory Points to 2, with me holding a single objective and scoring First Blood (enough firepower will kill Daemonettes fairly easily). My opponent scored Linebreaker and destroyed my Annihilation Barge, which given the mission gave him a Victory Point.

Keeper of Secrets using Puppet Master on the Annihilation Barge
Wraiths attempt to Flank the Seekers
Seekers attempt and succeed in running down some Immortals

Although I did win, the Keeper of Secrets posed a massive problem for me to deal with. I had a plan to deep strike my Deathmarks into the enemy lines but close enough to rapid fire at the Greater Daemon and pick her as their chosen target. It would have worked beautifully had my opponent not got jammy with his rolls and made every single 5+ save he was called to make. The result of my failure was a squad smashed to pieces by Lucius the Eternal and a Greater Daemon destroying my Triarch Stalker, an entire unit of Warriors (sweeping advance really did them over) and my Annihilation Barge...

Target acquired...
...Followed by jammy rolls...
...Followed by Lucius death...
...Followed by booby death.

Thems the risks though I'm afraid, sometimes plans just don't go through as you expect them to. Still, my Overlord and his Warriors did amazingly, killing the majority of the Noise Marines on the board as well as all the remaining Seekers in close combat without losing a single man so they really made up for my Deathmarks not doing particularly well. On top of all this they did hold my only objective and ripped an objective from my opponent in the process. Easily my unit of the match.

The Overlord and his unit spot an objective
Then somehow destroy Seekers in combat
How the board looked on the penultimate turn

All in all had a lot of fun in this game and it was very close. I've played this guy (who is a very good friend of mine) 3 times now, I lost one, won one and drew one so I've challenged him to a decider at some point. It was also really nice to play against a Chaos army that wasn't Khorne Bezerkers or Plague Marines and I had a lot of love playing against Slaanesh, they're a visually very interesting force and they were loads of fun to play against (and I imagine to play as too).


I like winning but I also hate it slightly too. That may confuse you all but it's kind of hard to do a post-mortem when you can't find much to improve on. I don't mean to sound egotistical in saying that, my opponent played well and had a great, balanced force but then I was told so did I, plus I don't think either of us made many tactical errors. However I've never played against Emperors Children before so I can comment on them now:

  • Keepers of Secrets are very, very annoying. With Initiative 10 they will always kill me in a Sweeping Advance, they're very tough, have really annoying psychic abilities and easily smash anything they charge. I think my Deathmarks would have really saved the day if it wasn't for massively good fortune on my opponent's behalf. I will need to make sure this thing dies next time.
  • Noise Marines pose a big problem for Warriors as most of their weapons will ignore both their armour and cover saves. They don't take as much firepower to put down though, so that's a bonus.
  • Seekers and Daemonettes are something of a 1 hit wonder too. It really doesn't take much to put these things down and by the end of turn 1/2 I had chewed my way through 13 Daemonettes without breaking a sweat, plus it scored me First Blood.
  • First Blood is a secondary objective well worth having. Had my opponent got it, we would have drawn so sometimes it's worth dedicating that firepower to kill those random stragglers.
  • My Wraiths need more survivability, or at least something to let them do damage at range. As of late these guys always die first. 2 wounds and invulnerable saves are amazing but with enough firepower these things will drop fairly quickly.
  • Warriors are even more amazing than I originally thought too. I actually got to the point where I could rapid fire 14 Warriors at once and 28 dice is ALOT. It felt like I was rolling treacle.

All in all brilliant game, a new experience, 2 armies to tick off my resolution and I got to catch up with a great friend of mine. Very worthwhile day. Until next time peeps!

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