Sunday, 20 April 2014

Apocalypse Now

This rather blurry picture marks my first ever game playing Apocalypse in 6th edition (the one last year only had super heavies and none of the other rules such as formations, finest hours etc.) and I have to admit it's a lot of fun. We only had one super heavy in the form of an Imperial Knight on the table but there was an absolutely insane amount of miniatures on the table. The set up was Blood Angels and Dark Angels against the forces of the World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Crimson Slaughter and Necrons. After a long fought battle that took about 12 hours just to get to turn 4, we called it a draw. Many things died and it was impossible to tell who did the most damage.

Okay well that's all I wanted to say for now, partially as proof that I can tick Dark Angels off my list of armies to fight but also to say that playing Apocalypse has really got me excited to get cracking with my army and create something awesome, it's a whole new ball game that I never knew existed until Friday! Eyes on this space!

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