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Kill Team - The Backgrounds

As some of you know part of my New Years Resolution is to write, build and play a game with my very own Deathwatch Kill Team. After much thought and writing today I unveil the backgrounds for each individual member of the Kill Team as well as the squad's overlaying story.

Scourge of Hades

Though once a disorderly group with vastly differing opinions, the unnamed Kill Team referred only as "The Scourge of Hades" have become akin to Imperial guns for hire, often appearing in the most bizarre of places to aid the Imperium in their darkest hour against the Xenos filth that infects the galaxy.

The squad became a unified force after their assignment to Mandragor IV where they had been ordered to help defend the Imperial World against Hive Fleet Hades, a Hive Fleet that had unbeknownst to them been tainted by the Chaos God Nurgle and had used their Genestealer Cults to infiltrate the political circle of the planet's governing body. 3 members of the Kill Team were killed in the ensuing battle, picked off by putrid Lictors and Genestealers whilst the rest followed the Hive Ships into a Warp Storm where they were officially reported as MIA.

Now, many years after their supposed deaths the Scourge of Hades have returned from the Warp only to find time has passed far quicker in the materium than their time in the Immaterium, but that time has made them become one of the most disciplined and unified units to ever serve the Deathwatch, their brotherhood fastened and their experience unquestionable.

Falkner Reeves

Although the newest member to join the Scourge of Hades, Falkner found his feet quickly and was instrumental in unifying the originally bickering squad into a tight knight Kill Team. Originally hailing from the staunch Crimson Fists Chapter, Falkner was unanimously voted by his peers to replace Octavius Varti as Squad Leader, a decision that Octavius himself graciously accepted understanding that Falkner's leadership was vital in improving the effectiveness of the Squad as a whole. Falkner is generally sympathetic of his Brothers plights, respectful of their individual experience and skills and second only to Octavius in terms tactical genius. As Squad Leader he has lead the Scourge of Hades to victory on no less than 20 skirmishes in the Warp alone and has worked alongside legendary figures such as Marneus Calgar, Chief Librarian Tigurius, Brother Tycho and Ragnar Blackmane.

Octavius Varti

Hailing from the noble Ultramarines Chapter, Octavius was one of the First Company sergeants that survived the massacre that was the First Tyrannic War. Such was his skill and experience in counter Tyranid tactics that he became an obvious choice to join the ranks of the Deathwatch. It was Octavius that originally lead the Kill Team during their assignment to Mandragor IV and, whilst his leadership was able to keep the Nurgle infected Hive Fleet Hades at bay for a time, his inability to unify his squad saw him demoted in favour of Falkner Reeves. Regardless, Falkner highly respects Octavius's knowledge in all theatres of battle and he still acts as second in command in times where Falkner himself is unable to fulfill this role.

Hogar Irontooth

Hogar, originally of the Space Wolves Chapter, was selected to join the Deathwatch for his indomitable and ferocious demeanor in battle and quickly formed a fast friendship with Falkner, the two often sharing stories of battles against the Greenskins in past campaigns. Unfortunately his pride and brash nature saw him develop a vicious rivalry with the Dark Angel Gaius Marr, so much that the rivalry threatened to tear the Kill Team in two amidst war. This rivalry has since been resolved and, since Mandragor IV Hogar and Gaius have become the closest of brothers, their rivalry turning from bitter hatred of each others Chapters and traditions to that of friendly competition, both often wagering who would kill the most enemies in each skirmish and battle.

Gaius Marr

Quiet and brooding, Gaius is a brother of the Dark Angels Chapter, often going into battle with his trusted Combi-Plasma as befits a member of his Chapter. During a prior to Mandragor IV Gaius rarely spoke unless he felt he had something worth saying or when his choler was up, which was often where Hogar was involved. The bitter rivalry between them almost resulted in a divide within the squad but, thanks to Falkner's intervention, Gaius has since learnt to respect his new Squad Leader and his comrade Hogar as honourable warriors in their own right. Such was the turning point that he became close friends with his Ex-Space Wolves rival and instead uses the tension that used to exist between them as a way to improve his skills in battle.

Borreas Troyan

Deemed particularly lucky by the standards of his Chapter, Borreas of the Lamenters originally joined the Deathwatch along with his brother Ignis after they were seperated from their Chapter following the Badab War. During the assault of Mandragor IV, Borreas along with Ignis and 2 other members of the Kill Team were seperated and attacked by a pack of Lictors, an assault that Borreas alone survived. Disheartened by the death of his brother particularly, it took Falkner's leadership to get him back to fighting mentality. Though he often goes into battle with battered and broken armour, a memento of the damage caused at the Scourge of Hades most notable assignment he carries a meticulously maintained Combi-Grav that once belonged to his late brother, Ignis.

Davin Averus

Tried and tested to full Astartes rank in the traditions of the Exorcists Chapter, Davin is a staunch ally and invaluable resource to the Scourge of Hades when fighting against the forces of Chaos. It was his insight combined with Octavius's experience that helped drive away Hive Fleet Hades from Mandragor IV and it was Davin's incorruptible nature that allowed the Kill Team to survive the perils of the Warp when marooned there. Some argue that it is Davin that is rightful, if not official leader of the Scourge of Hades for the spiritual faith he instils amongst his adopted Battle Brothers, often taking the role of a Chaplain where no real Chaplain is available.

Irrius Carmine

Irrius hails from Clan Agkistrodon of the Pit Vipers Chapter, a clan famed for it's gene mutation that causes the skin to callous easier which, when combined with the Astartes biochemistry turns them as hard as iron. Irrius was a champion in the Iron Pits of his clan whose win ratio is second only to his Clan Master Sparitan Crowl. As such he excels at basic weapon mastery, a boast that was not found wanting amongst his Kill Team Battle Brothers after he held his own against waves of putrid Hormagaunts at Mandragor IV, though his recklessness and tendency to prove his own independent worth in combat often leaves Falkner to assign him solo jobs more so than any other member of the squad.

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