Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Month(s) at a Glace

Well, the regular updating is going pretty poorly at the moment isn't it?

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, what with my laptop going belly up, still getting used to my new one, new job that has me working long hours and causing me to be prone to randomly falling asleep plus lots of other various chores has left me with little energy to post.

So unfortunately this won't be a long post. The last couple of months have been kind of productive however, what with my March/April Another Army post objective done and my Deathwatch backgrounds written means I'm making good progress on most of my resolutions. I need one more story written and I've finished one completely and, technically I've done it but I won't officially announce that just yet...

But as we approach my birthday month, May, I realise that I need to crack on with my Ultramarines army list aim. As you can kind of see above I've begun the long process of basecoated another 20 Marines and I'm working on them bit by bit so the job doesn't become too tedious. More as that progresses.

Until next time, I'll try and plot some more posts for May and not leave you all hanging. Maybe even a battle report.

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