Sunday, 25 May 2014

Another Army: Will's Imperial Fists

After I made it my duty to do 6 spotlight armies for the blog in 2014, Will was one of the first people I asked to do a piece. He agreed on the condition I waited until this month before he had enough painted to show off, and my he's been a busy boy! You may remember Will's Space Marines in my battle report back in February and was the first person to be involved in my pre-battle short stories. Since then he has got over 2,500 points fully painted and the guy only started his collection when the Space Marine codex came out last year! Yikes, that's a lot of models!

Ever the helpful soul, Will's also written up some info on the inner workings of his army in full details so I don't even have to interpret it myself, so I'll be putting some quotes from him here and there to really explain it all in his own words.

Sons of Dorn

"After playing the hobby for a long time now it is only recently that I've finally found an army I truly love and bond with on a greater level.
The start of this army came from my a combination of those that I had collected before being an avid dwarf and space wolf collector I truly am a man on the beard and hammer! Though I wanted an army I could love for the fluff and to paint (as lets be honest painting space wolf grey is just boring).
Well it's my Imperial Fist chapter "Hammers of Dorn!" The Hammers of Dorn venerate their primarch, Rogal Dorn, to a degree far beyond those of the Imperial Fists' successors and I wanted to optimize this in my army making them fanatical about dorn." - Will
Will just could not have gone for a more iconic start to his army. To the left is a picture of his very own "count as" Lysander for his fists, complete with huge Thunder Hammer and over slung Storm Shield. I remember this miniature as a work in progress myself and it's always astounded me just how creative Will is with his conversions, and we're just getting started! As the article goes on you will see he takes Space Marine kitbashing to a whole new and stunning level, even I have been inspired by his work and have some marines in the making that are directly influenced by Will's use and mixture of bits in his own army, plus the yellow is absolutely amazing and, unlike most Imperial Fist armies I don't find the tone of yellow he uses too much. But I digress...

Hammer Time!

"This particular company I have made is that of the highest level, it is comprised of only the most veteran fists with them all being oldest and wisest battle hardened men! To enter this company a marine must give up his position in his current company after proving himself to then become a scout again in this one!
Going by all this fluff I made my army full of markings of the fist on all models. Oh and the hammers... lots of hammers! They're everywhere! Nothing smites the heretic like that of a hammer infused with the might of Dorn himself!" - Will
Will's HQ lead by example. Everything (almost) is armed to the teeth with some kind of warhammer (rather fitting for the game). As well as his Terminator Captain there's one of each HQ choice holding a hammer as you can see. A Master of the Forge with two plasma pistols and a forge style hammer in place of a servo-arm, a rather clerical looking Chaplain with a Crozius Hammer, a Librarian with a Force Hammer (count as Force Staff I reckon?) and a Contemptor Dreadnought holding a massive Siege Hammer. Although not entirely accurate to what they have everything is pretty easy to identify in the rules they use.

But it's not just hammer related wargear that spurs Will's models, sometimes he doesn't even look for an excuse to stick some more hammers wherever he can. It's more like "spot the guy without a hammer" than the other way around, but it's a great vibe running through the whole thing. It's very fitting in their roles in siege warfare and, combined with their highly mechanised units and long beards they kind of remind me of Space Marine Dwarves.

Space Marine Tactical Squad with... Bolthammers?

The full squad

Assault Squad with Close Combat Weapons... AKA hammers

More Assault Marines with hammers

Yep, even the Scouts have hammers

Heavy Metal

"I still took upon the fact that fists are bolter specialists with lots of Heavy Bolters but I wanted to convey my models to nearly all be close quarter looking with hammers ready to purge!
The last thing I really wanted this army to be about was slow, stubborn and purposeful, with lots of walkers, centurions, termies and men! This army will not field any flyers, skimmers (except a scout speeder maybe) or bikes.. Assault marines are allowed as they may wield the mighty weapon of Dorn." - Will
Centurions in particular seem to be the pride and joy of Will's army, in fact I was lucky to get away with as little damage as I did from these beasts, everyone else they shot at in other games didn't survive long. You can tell how much he loves them too, the sheers amount of work Will has put into these guys is breathtaking, looking more like walking behemoths than a chunky exo-suit. He's even used Storm Bolters to represent the Hurricane Bolters that they typically carry. Such simple ideas such as this go a long way towards making the chapter look unique and very untypical of the usual Astartes army. Although to be honest I am quite disappointed in the lack of hammers, but when asked Will merely responded that he wanted to set the Centurions apart from his other units to signify their key role. Fair enough.

The vehicles Will has incorporated really feel slow but heavy hitting, blending perfectly with his army's theme. 2 Riflemen dreadnought and a Hunter add some serious firepower to the mix. Although originally Will was going to do a Stalker, he felt the Hunter made more sense for his theme and he's not wrong. Each vehicle is lovingly painted in the famous yellow of the Imperial Fists and the regal purple casing for the Skyspear Missile Launcher looks a lot nicer than it does in theory. It really does look like a siege vehicle and goes a long way to countering enemy flyers without resorting to using any of his own.

Missile Launcher/Lascannon Devastator Squad

Combi-Pred and 2 Razorbacks

More hammers in the hands of Terminators

4 Heavy Bolters Devastator Squad

So, What Now?

Unfortunately, as Will got everything in his collection painted, there are no shots of any of his upcoming works. Instead he left me with a teaser in writing as to what he has next in stall...

"Next for this army I've got a land raider crusader that's going to hold a chaplain and 10 Vanguard Veterens as well as filling out my ranks with some more Scouts and Marines, but most of all because I love my Centurions so much it would have to be another unit of these bad boys, another Dreadnought and I've got some very nice ideas for a Knight *wink*" - Will
So there you have it, that wraps up yet another installment of "Another Army". I'll be honest I have no idea what's coming for the next installment but I'm sure it'll be interesting! Until next time fans.

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  1. Hammers...hammers everywhere! Army looks great. If he ever feels like going back to it, I'd just suggest maybe some washes/glazes to break up the yellow a little bit. On the vehicles it's a bit single toned...but I also noticed the photos are washing out the highlights slightly. Difficult color to photograph for sure!

  2. Great conversions there with the marauders and space wolves parts! I like the brightness of the yellow.