Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lucky Number 7?

I am sure you have all read the many, many articles regarding the fabled 7th edition of Warhammer 40k, so the question is what do you all think about the rules mix up?

Well what do we know? In truth not much admittedly, but there have been a couple of upcoming White Dwarf leaks that spill a couple of big beans from the can and I have to say I'm very much not impressed. In case you haven't seen them then the basic lowdown is that we are now getting a psychic phase that works almost identically to it's fantasy counterpart, plus a new psychic lore that almost anyone can take known as Daemonology. In addition there is now a choice of force types, namely Battle Forged and Unbound army lists as well as 6 new missions known as Maelstroms of War. If that wasn't enough, Lords of War are speculated to be an everyday occurrence like in Escalation. If this all seems like gobble-de-gook to you all then let me break it all down.

Let's start with the psychic phase. As much as I've always loved to try out the magic in Warhammer Fantasy, realistically I cannot see this working so well in 40k. It seemed perfectly ok with me at first until it was pointed out that powers are, theoretically are easier to nullify, making those psyker gambits a massive risk. It also makes Tyranids 10x worse as their army is propelled on their psychic powers. Zoanthropes are likely to get shut down instantly and any buffs the army would get from Tyrants and the like can easily be lost, but on the other end of the scale characters such as Tigurius become 10x more broken than before as Psychic Mastery seems to mean much more now than it used to.

And then there's Daemonology...

Wow. Who was the brainbox that decided that more or less any army should be able to randomly summon 250 points worth of Greater Daemon? Brokeness aside, it doesn't even make any narrative sense. Are you seriously saying that a Grey Knight Librarian, who is completely uncorruptable by the Ruinous Power would summon a minion of Khorne which, for those who know their fluff is an act of heresy? Seems legit.

Rant over, we go on to Unbound and Battle Forged armies... no wait, rant back on. Basically this means you can either follow the FOC as it stands now with some unknown bonus, or ignore it completely! So you can essentially play with restrictions, or not! Geeze thanks for clearing that up GW. I'm sure my Ultramarine force consisting of 3 Tactical Squads, a Captain, a Whirlwind, a Storm Talon and some Sternguard is a perfectly fair match up against a Baneblade and a company of Leman Russes. Sounds totally fair to me.

Yes I said Baneblade, Lords of War are in apparently.

The only speck of hope I could salvage from all this is the Maelstrom of War missions which use random objectives such as "Kill a Troop Choice" and the like that grant victory points. Once achieved a new objective is randomly selected and so on and so forth. This I actually like, it's a neat little idea that keeps you shifting your tactics. Also completely redundant at times if your opponent has an Unbound army and you can't complete your objectives because they have too many Psykers running about summoning Greater Daemons.

With all being said, I'm trying my hardest to reserve judgement. For me this could be a fiasco on the same scale of 3rd edition (which made me stop playing) or it could be a surprise gem like 6th edition (which got me majorly back into the hobby). But that brings me to my main point... what is so wrong with 6th edition that it warrants an entirely new rulebook less than 2 years later? It's not even half the time it's taken for previous editions to come out and 6th is a universal hit so why fix what isn't broken? My advice? Stop turning Warhammer 40k into Warhammer Fantasy and bringing more and more Apocalypse style rules into the main mix, Games Workshop. Not only are you messing with a great ruleset, but you're detracting from the individual charm of Apocalypse (which, by the way doesn't work on a small scale) and the unique feel of Fantasy, all the whilst robbing our wallets of as much money as quickly as you can. It feels cheap, it feels forced but more importantly, it feels unoriginal.

I'll buy this book, if only to hope I'm wrong about all this, but all this talk is making me worried this will be the last nail in the 40k coffin.

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  1. I wouldn't say 6th is a universal hit, I find a mixed opinion generally, personally I am glad to see it go and really hope GW has worked to get a game that the less competent players can get done in under 2 hours. Sadly, I doubt that is the case.