Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tutorial: Rocky Flying Bases

Anyone who has been following my posts on Instagram may have seen a few pictures popping up that have  been nothing but a big base with rocks on it, well here's the reason. I've had an odd fascination with modelling and painting my Stormtalon base for the last few days and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The problem I've had with flying bases is how to model them whilst still making them look good, that clear stalk is pretty hard to work with. So here's how to get a flying base like mine...

Step 1: Pre-Undercoat Basing

The first thing to do with your base before even a drop of undercoat hits it is lay the foundations for the base itself. Get some rocks (slate works well and you can pick it up for free sometimes) and make a template allowing the clear plastic stalk to still sit in the middle of the base, but do not glue it in yet. After this is done you can do the following just to make the whole thing more stable and less plain:
  • Green stuff the rocks and bases where the rocks are glued. Rocks (particularly slate) don't hold well when super glued and the green stuff will create a stronger bond to hold the rocks in place.
  • Don't worry if your green stuff skills aren't great! Just put some non-watered down PVA glue where the sculpting looks "unnatural" and pour some small gravel or slates from the Games Workshop basing kit.

Step 2: Painting the Detail

Once the green stuff has dried, spray the base up and paint all the rocks with Dawnstone Grey (you may need two coats to smooth out the paintwork). Then wash the rocks with Agrax Earthshade (I actually used Windsor and Newton Peat Brown ink but it should do the job) and finally drybrush the whole thing with Fenrisian Grey.

Step 3: Mud

Next paint the base whatever colour you use for your army and cover the bare areas with Stirland Mud, and don't be afraid to put some on the rocks too! Not only will the base look more natural and war torn but it also helps to break up the colours a bit. Now drybrush the mud in three layers: Skrag Brown, Tau Light Ochre and finally Ushabti Bone.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Finally add some flock to really make the base vibrant and colourful before varnishing and sticking the plastic flying stalk in the centre. All done, simple!

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  1. Great looking base! Thanks for the how to!