Sunday, 20 July 2014

War of the Dynasties

I've had a major hobby weekend involving an overnight battle against Tyranids (battle report soon, or you can check #artofwarhammerblog on instagram to check out the pictures) and got my next Another Army lined up for posting soon (and it's a good'un!), but before that I decided to post the "least exciting" update first which focuses on my Necron versus Necron battle at Enfield store last Saturday, ticking another army to face this year off the list!

Mayhem ensued whilst Dyansties clash!
This battle was a pretty interesting one even if it doesn't sound like it. We played Cloak and Shadow so our tactical objectives were hidden from each other which is a scenario I've always wanted to try out (on a side note, I really don't care for Eternal War anymore, Maelstrom's where it's at for me!). It was interesting to also play 7th with no psychic powers at all and vehicles not really proving to be much stronger against gauss flayers, the game felt similar to 6th edition and was a real battle of who knew their army best.

I can tell you all now I won the game with 8 points to 7, but the game was so close we decided to see it as a draw. It was great to see the same army being played in two different ways, both sides had weaknesses and strengths the other side didn't.

As this isn't a battle report, I won't go into too much detail, all the important stuff will be explained in detail below...


I was pleasantly surprised by this battle. It really was about beating your own army, what works in some situations, what doesn't but also I got to see what my army lacks and how I can utilise that knowledge in future games.
  • Doomsday Arks have earned some respect from me after the battle, I completely overlooked it's 72" range. My opponent used it to flatten my squads perched on top of a hill, and I had to take it out with my Wraiths in the end, quickly. It's actually a pretty great alpha strike weapon that forces your opponent to do something about it.
  • Doom Scythes are another thing I underrated and prove to be amazing surgical strike units. My opponent took 2 and a single flyer eradicated both my Triarch Stalker and Annihilation Barge in a single turn, eek! I'd imagine these are great against Astra Militarum, zapping tank squadrons in a single turn.
  • Harbinger of the Storms wins again, this guy is so underrated. His kill tally has been impressive since the day I started using him, and now he can add a Doom Scythe to that tally.
  • Deathmarks really need to stop being deployed in deep strike, they never stay on target for me, going into ongoing reserve twice!
  • NEVER underestimate 20 man Necron Warrior units. Not only do they put out disgusting amounts of fire power, they're also really hard to shift and your opponent will tend to find bigger threats to deal with over them.
Anyways, there will be more Necron related posting soon, but not from my collection (wink wink). Until next time fans!

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